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While Prefab Modern House Projects Percolate We Embrace More Bay Fun.

Ok. So the Prefab Modern Cabin in the Northeast is on hold. And we are still waiting to go through permitting on the Prefab Modern House in the Northwest. So who wants to hear about the Modern Prefab Cabin in the Rockies / in the West, another Dogtrot Mod from Green Cabin Kits?
Here's what I can tell you. In three weeks they fly out to decide upon which property to purchase. They want our design documents already in hand, along with some changes:
  • This Dogtrot Mod will be redesigned to fit the high snow loads.
    I will reveal how we approach that challenge in the coming weeks!
  • The breezeway between the main and guest units will be enclosed.
  • See these, and other client changes, yourself:

I'll keep you posted on this project... And I think next week I can also start talking about the modern prefab house, the casa ti, in the South...

In-Town Ramshackle with snake, cat, and Animal Whisperer.

We are so grateful for the love, care and protection our 150 year old In-Town Ramshackle gives our family during Bay Season.

And we continue to shore up and continue to protect the beloved Ramshackle! 

One ongoing renovation project of the Ramshackle is the roof, and preventing moisture under / around the foundation.

Oh the deluges we, like a ship, crashed through this week!
My office sprung a leak.  Then two. Three. I grabbed my computer, pushed away the mid-century teak desk, ran to the kitchen and back with pots!
My office.
My office with Tin Roof Rusted, y'all.
Pots everywhere, drip drip drip.

Ahhhhhhhhhh the In-Town Ramshackle. 
Where hordes of children, friends, dogs, chickens, and sandy wet bathing suits are always welcome.

Guinea fowl are especially welcome, as long as they don't eat mah grapes.

Pip 2: "But they're just like butterflies!"
Oh wow, watching them flit and float across the yard, they are!

After cleaning up The In-Town Ramshackle, it was time to throw parties.
The weekend was filled with regattas, and hungry hordes o' sailors returning to land after a day on the sea.

One sailor in particular I have to thank- a Captain.
Thanks Reverend Captain Kelly R.N. for the gifts from your garden!!! 

Sailor Courses, After The Race.
Why not?
Course 1: Cucumber sandwiches

Course 2:
Chilled Zucchini Soup 
Here's what I did with that fat zucchini:
Sautee in lotsa butter: garlic, diced onion potatoes then when soft add in zucchini - add in just enough water so it doesn't burn, until it's all cooked well, with plenty of salt and pepper. Add in broth or water to now create enough liquid so when you puree it you don't get mud. Simmer awhile so it gets lots of flavor. Cool, puree with: minced fresh lavender (OR a tad fresh rosemary).

Wait. YOU don't know The Reverend Captain Kelly R.N.?!?
The nurse who, years later, was the first woman in awhile, 'round here, to get her Captain's license so she can sail the high seas with authority? Who then became a Reverend to marry off dear friends?

So. Now she can patch you up, marry you off, all while sailing seas battling sea monsters, capably.

On with Ze Courses!
Not-ceviche not-guacamole fish course.
Course 3:
Fish course: Felicia's Tuna Tartar on Potato Chips
Inspired by my awesome chef friend, I mixed tuna (albacore, sushi grade), salt, pepper, minced onion & jalapeno, avocado, soy sauce, and lime juice, let it "cook" in the juice then served on...
Oh. Wait. They're outta tuna. So I broiled some locally-caught white fish and added that in, instead!

Taa. Daa.

Course 4:
Tomato pie.
Slow Roast with Onion Gravy
Tomato Pie (recipe in this post)
Pasta Salad
Ok so I threw a few courses in together. Sue me. I've lost track of courses!

Island Italian Pasta Salad
In a bowl, cut perfectly ripe cherry tomatoes in half -or- dice perfectly ripe large 'maters.
Mince onion, not too much as you don't want this tasting "onion-y," and add to tomatoes. Mix in good salt, pepper, olive oil, dashes of favorite vinegar... and LIME JUICE. Make sure it's all really stirred together and blended.
Cook penne al dente, then add to bowl and mix in. Make sure you have lots of vegetables to penne ratio, and plenty of sauce to make sure the pasta tastes delicious.
Once cooled, add in cubes of mozzarella and sliced fresh basil.

Bottom Round Roast
8 Hours in Crockpot on low: Sliced onions, roast, garlic, lots of vinegar, then *coat* with salt, pepper, brown sugar, liberal sprinkling of allspice. After you lift out roast, stir in some flour and call that gravy, honeychiles.

Course 5:
Marcella's Insalata di Limone, Cetriolo e Peperone
Course 6:
Dessert For Pips Who Really Don't Need Sugar At 10 P.M. But What The Heck Throw Those Kids Some Vanilla Ice Cream
Course 7:
Cheeses And Roasted Almonds

I will be roaming the point today seeking more sailors to feed with Reverend Captain Kelly R.N.'s bounty. 

If yer hungry, you know where to find me! On the water... or in the Ramshackle, cooking.
Offering guests water...

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