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Prefab SIP House Takes The Heat

At the off grid modern prefab, the mailbox was stuffed, the field grown up, everything a mess as we go through "Back And Forth To The Bay" season. 

The modern prefab house stands, resolute, knowing soon enough summer will wane and cookstove season begins.
See how the passive solar design
gently shades the windows here
thus preventing the sun from directly heating
the prefab house in summer?
Just as the SIP prefab house insulates in winter, where in extreme temperatures we just lost one degree an hour, in summer it holds cool air in warming much more slowly than traditional, less energy efficient homes.
Nice and cool in the heat...

That was a good thing when temperatures were as hot as they were this week! It was 100!

The Pips have been busy at the library teaching code.

It's their first class they've ever taught (heck they're 11 and 12), but once the butterflies subsided they (and their students) came out beaming. After each class they excitedly plan their next lesson. I created the class as their first service project (it is completely free), knew they would be able to do it as coding is something they love, knew it would be good for them to learn to teach.

I underestimated how much they would LOVE the experience.

They really look forward to their class- I even got them outta the tree in time to make it to the library to teach their code class.
They even have adults in the class!

The Pips are also on the sailing team.  It takes a village to get these kiddos off to sailing practice in the morning... Fortunately we have lots of villagers in this house.
My 7a.m. "helper."
They really like to "help."

Aaaaaand we had visitors... from Germany!
Aaaaaand we had family. And friends. And more friends.
Because: Summer.
Yeah, that's we, not they.

Three summers into it, we continue with The 150 Year Old In-Town Ramshackle restoration.
With continuing grading, addressing moisture in this humid seaside climate, and lots (and lots) of love, she's looking really good! Each year she becomes more healthy, more shored up.
Check out how happy she is!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh summertime.
If the day is pretty, you know where to find me... 
Back and forth...

...and forth, and back.
I hope y'all have a lovely day.

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