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Modern Prefab Cabin In The Woods Update

We'll be back to our regularly scheduled off grid prefab house living and construction projects soon 'nuff, but honeychiles, Cousin Time = Bay Days. And we have lots o' cousins to visit...

Before we know it summer will end and we'll be heading towards fall, off grid, in our modern prefab house.

An update:
The Dogtrot Mod modern prefab cabin in the Northeast is not a nix, says the client, but a hold.

In the next week (or two) the R1 Residential in the Northwest goes to permitting...
And there's the casa ti that, well...

This summer will have modern prefab house projects to follow...
Let's just enjoy the week and see what things I can discuss, publicly, next week.

In the meantime we chase the winds over the bay before jaunting back to the off grid prefab modern house.
It's been a busy few weeks.
Lemonade Stand #538,678,224

With all this Cousin Time and running wild with Pirate Friends, we might even need a nap...
or two.
Found sleeping on the screened-in porch,
while a gentle bay breeze blows...

Although I love our Back And Forth Bay Time, I miss my off grid modern house and can't wait to see it this week!!!
We especially miss Zena, which no sailboat can ever replace.
Zena honey, hang on, we'll soon be home!!!

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