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Off Grid Modern Prefab House Fridge Fritz And Repurposing Rags Into Mod Fashion.

We are back at the off grid passive solar modern prefab house!
Solar cookin' selfie, y'all...
Log-toting pup is happy to be reunited with his logs.

Passive solar design at work.
It is breezy, and the air smells like hay and honeysuckle. It is good to be home.

The sun shines down upon our solar hot water, solar panels, and solar cooker, but the passive solar design of the prefab prevents it from coming directly through the windows this time of year- note the shade on the south side, thanks to the overhang... inside, it is cool.

Mid-afternoon, I throw open the windows and lie down for a nap, letting the air wash over me. It reminds me of the ocean. Then it turns cool... and another fun night begins.

Modern Prefab R1 Residential In The Northwest Update:
Again, modern prefab house project is in stringent zoning, outside of a major metropolis in the northwest:
"We are almost through planning and then we can get to the building plans.  Once the planning review board approves the exterior design, window placement, roof design, exterior finishes, landscape plan, drainage plan, survey, and architectural site plan we cannot change anything on dimensions, placement, walls, even the front door and the house numbers have to match exactly what they approve.  So it takes some time to do everything they require."

Talk about crossing yer "T"s and dotting yer "I"s. When I think about the organic evolution of my own prefab modern home and home site vs. the decisions this client must make that are so... set in stone... HATS OFF TO HER- can you even imagine the hard work that was put into just crossing this hurdle to get where that Modified R1 Residential is, currently?

My Off Grid Fridge Is On The Fritz
If you recall, over 4 years ago we converted a cheap chest freezer into an off grid fridge with the help of a timer. Why? Well, we are still getting "set up" with lots of projects we'd rather spend money on right now than a proper off grid fridge, which costs on average $1,500 - $2,000 vs. a converted chest freezer which costs $150 - $200.

Now that our converted-to-a-fridge freezer might be on the fritz, years later, I rethought whether to invest in a proper off grid fridge vs. a conversion.
Again, the conversion won out.

Here's some good tips on how to choose an off grid fridge, even if you're converting like we do. So, if you're off grid, eschew energy-hogging features like auto frost control and condensation thingamajigs and go for the most simple, low consumption product.

Thanks to the popularity of home brewing these days, you could even better convert your chest freezer-fridge with a temperature controller vs. a timer. I would love to experiment with the
temperature controller, but sheesh- a simple timer is $4, and the temperature controller is $60. I'd rather spend the $50 difference on... hmmmm: more riding lessons? A fun dinner out?
(Every time I make a financial decision like that, I feel like I just "won" money for something fun, by the way.)

For our family of four, I choose 5cu freezers because
- that's the dimensions that fit the closet where we decided to store it
- with maximum amount of storage
- we eat fresh, never storing food there for more than 4 days

We are preparing to finally bring our horse home this fall.
Last year we dug a livestock well; now we prepare the water lines and I thought other off grid people might be interested in how we are achieving this.

So: We dug a livestock well, the pump functions via air pressure, which is very popular with the Amish here- you run the air compressor and then store the air in an old repurposed propane tank. The tank provides "power" to the well pump which supplies the house etc. with water.

It occurred to us: With the rainwater collection cistern / rainwater cleaning systems already in place, it would make sense to...
1. run water lines from the house to where we need water for the animals
2. run a water line from the well to the cistern so that we can fill up the normally rain water fed cistern from the well when we need to because - umh - a horse drinks more than a human.

Recycled Repurposed Modern FASHION
An old, stained duvet cover was tossed to "the rag pile" where it has been discovered and repurposed by Pip2 into a dress! Cape! Tablecloth! Hair bow! Candelabra adornment! (Did I forget anything?)

Here she is in her "studio" working away...

She reworked the dress later- check out the details...
"WHAT is that chiffon-y material?!?" I wondered, looked closer, and realized it was an old pair of PANTYHOSE from a wedding last summer...! Hahaha check it out:
She's so dagged cool, on her own terms.

My favorite part of this is the "chiffon" that you can
see the muddy footprints still not washed out after
running around in mud barefoot yet in tights during a wedding.

Rock on, kid.

Horsin' Around
We measured the dimensions of the shed to add on a run-in this weekend, working on bringing our horse home...

Annnnnd: back at the off grid prefab house, Pip 2 is still repurposing that stained-turned-to-rag bedsheet. Fantastic.
Picnic blanket!

Fort adornment! With fancy curtains and a door mat!

I feel the wind shifting.

In the meantime, we're hanging out at the off grid modern prefab... 
Snake handling.
Cute lil' boogie thought he could get near the eggs...

We're walking him up to the shed where he can catch mice instead...

Oh look! Ankle bracelet!

Fashionista snake- "I don't want to live in the field I want to be an accessory!"
Careful whatchoo say, snake, or you'll be a wallet!

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