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From The Land To The Sea Off Grid House Is Where To Be

At the off grid modern prefab home, electric and water lines were strung- from the livestock well, to the rainwater cistern, from the off grid house, to two pumps, one in each future horse field.  The ditches were refilled with dirt, and now... well, I go back to trying to grow grass around the prefab house site. Again.

But it was exciting to see the water actually work when it was all said and done!

To recap the off grid scenario, we have, for the off grid house, a rainwater collection cistern, that feeds through a filtration and treatment system for our own potable use.

We dug a livestock well last year, and instead of running horse / livestock power out there on its own system, we are taking the (air pressure run) off grid well, feeding it now to the cistern, and then running lines from the (treated, pressurized water) off grid house out to the pumps.

Now that summer nears, we lowered the solar panels' angle to better catch the higher summer sun's rays. 

There are always visitors at the off grid house; this week brought another visiting black snake.
We much prefer black snakes to copperheads...
I'm on a conference call about the prefab
in the Northeast... "Well hellooooooooooo there."
 Cue "How much is that black snake in the window... the one with the waggily tail..."
Waggily tail.
In mah window...

The summer of back (and forth) and back (and forth) has begun, between being feral kids on the land and pirate kids on the sea. 

Summertime is farm and family-on-the-bay fun. 

Family selfie with Zena and Pip 1.

We leave the beloved land of brunswick stew and venison for crabbing and cousins jumping off the dock on the bay. And so, we go back. (And forth.)

I travel with childrenz, mastiff-mixes, laying hens, roosters... and, this year, one hen started hatching out chicks en route.

Back to the bay we went. It's Cousin Season!
Many old friends and family we see over summer we only see once a year, so as much as we love, love, love living in the country, Bay Season is where we maintain and continue family friendships that have already spanned generations.

Before leaving, we readied the off grid prefab house for guests (yes, we have friends visit even when we're not home), and closed up the barn extension that will now contain hay.

I love how the Pips now are such a big part of everything we build and do to better Higher Ground.
It's such a family project.

In the meantime, let those dog days of summer, whether here or there, begin.
Dog days?

Yep, dog days...




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