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Season Pass: From Off Grid Prefab House To The Season Of Sailing

The Dogtrot Mod in the northeast project resumes next week once the client returns from an out of the country visit. 

We left our own modern prefab house to spend time with family and friends on the Chesapeake Bay... 

It's that time of year where we begin the seasonal back and forth between sailing through the seasons, off grid in a modern prefab house, to sailing boats. 

We've always been sailors...
And these trees here? These trees on the bay? These trees raised me.
Now they're raisin' MY kids!

If you have read this blog, you know that I grew up spending summers on the bay, roaming free with a passel o' childrenz and cousins.
Pirate ship. Fer real.
So it made sense, when the opportunity arose, to save a 150 year old farmhouse that came up for a reasonable price a few years ago... so we could raise our Pips as Pirates, too.
Farmhouse? What farmhouse.
All I see are two-story rhododendrons and camellias.

Later, in retrospect, we realized they thought they were just selling that acre of land and that the 150 year old farm house was so far gone it was "certainly a tear-down." (It looked it. Check out the pictures.)

They didn't know us, did they.
The dining room, then...

...and now.
We love The House Where Great-Great Grandma Never Lived.
Planted roses...

Old grape vine + hay field + church beyond...
in the center of town!

Chicken coop + grape vine & old plantings.

Each summer, as we visit, we strip and paint and grade and drain and patch...
Each year, she improves. 

She is beloved.
The In-Town Ramshackle is raisin' my Pips, too.

And so, the annual summer journey of back and forth (and back, and forth) between the off grid modern prefab house and Granny In-Town Ramshackle begins.
Pirate Pips.

As we continue to shore up the In-Town Ramshackle, I will continue to detail the renovation.
But back to the off grid modern prefab home!

P.s. By the way- for some reason, tons of people keep sending this to me.
I send my regards.

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