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Off Grid Prefab House Explains Prefab Business And Goes Visitin'.

At the modern off grid prefab house, it was a week for visitin'.

Visitin' with business [lots and lots and lots of meetings regarding the Dogtrot Mod in the northeast, a potential Dogtrot Mod (or a Sinda?) on the Chesapeake Bay, a Bienvenue in the further northeast.]... Lots of in-depth meetings between client, architect, contractor, distributor on every level...

At a prefab's first planning / construction meeting we establish our team roles, and I thought it would be a good time to give an analogy of Who We Are / What We Do, here:
Have you been to Target?
We bring in talented custom architects whose average home they create can be... oh, millions of dollars.
They create not only beautifully-thought out gorgeous homes, but homes that *function*- the passive solar design all our prefab houses embrace.
  • Once Target has signed the wonderful designers, now they must choose a manufacturer to produce the clothes.
We have manufacturer/distributors throughout the United States, so the closest one to the client fabricates the passive solar prefab house kit, i.e., the SIP (structural insulated panels). The SIP are delivered to the contractor, who then finishes the final product, a finished prefab house.

Does that make sense?
All together, with the client adding their own personal style and budget finishing touches, together, we create an energy efficient, passive solar prefab home!

At our own off grid prefab house...
It was a week visitin' with LOTS of friends.
We would work / have meetings, then visit.

Hard work, hard play: Monday I had a huge meeting, then... a trail ride.

Tuesday I stopped to visit my Amish friend B... then had three meetings, until 8pm my time.

Wednesday, I visited the As.
We processed 45 chickens (if that's what I have to do to see the A's, I am happy to help!) then had an architect project meeting, then a distributor call.

It is so beautiful here...
That night the Pips and I watched the most incredible heat lightning over the field in the middle bedroom, all cozied up, in the bunk beds, oohing and ahhing more than any July 4th fireworks...

Thursday We Headed Into Ze Cit-Tay For Socialization.
Ze Socialization Projekt:
It was play date after play date after play date and I even brushed my hair three days straight.
City yard fun...
Sketching at the VMFA's Van Gogh / Matisse / Manet exhibit...

Running wild at VMFA...

Riding at a friend's in the city!
Parrots / Macaws at a school festival...
Dodgeball at the H's...
After all that socialization I was SO HAPPY to head home to the off grid prefab where I can kick back and RELAX! I love our friends! But these kids wear us out with their playin'!

On our last city evening late night with the H's... we passed the baseball stadium, and the light turned red. Sleepy children startled wide awake as suddenly: the skies burst into fireworks.
A lovely way to end a city visit.

Now we head back home to the off grid modern home, to heat lightning and glow worms dancing in the field, to whippoorwills and tree frogs singing under the moon.

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