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Another Modern Prefab House Beginning, At An Off Grid Prefab House Lifestyle Continuing.

A conference call is set this week for the next Dogtrot Mod modern prefab house in the northeast between the client, their contractor, and our SIP distributor, architect, and myself. Here we will set time schedules for the SIP arrival, answer contractor and client questions, and generally get to know everyone on the team for this project.

Don't worry, we're keeping you...

As we enter spring, as I do seasonally, I went through the Pips clothes, looking for outgrown or ruined clothes, organizing... after years at the off grid prefab house, it was time to sort through our entire.. everything.

When we moved here, it was slapdash, hurry-up-and-move!  We frantically drove out carload after carload of "stuff" from our city house, without going through it, well.  Now it is finally time to edit, to rethink.

How fortuitous that, the week I had begun the process, I read this article on the KonMari method of getting rid of superfluous stuff. Fans of a clean, modern look, we're not exactly packrats; however, because we value frugal thriftiness and dislike Big Box Shopping, sometimes we need to replace 10 year old clothes and... just... toss them (no I do not quilt, and they are threadbare when I turn them to rags).

Oh the dilemma of disliking shopping yet needing to replace well-loved, worn, basic outfits. For I, it is a bed of nails. But this week it was done, AND, after reading that article, I went straight to my coat closet and tossed 3 humongous, not-used-in-ages coats that had been taking up space for years (and YEARS). Ahhhh. There. That felt so good! Look at all that space!
I got zealous on mah tossin'.
Don't give me that look,
we're keeping you too...
Use of space is important in any small footprint home...
Yes, we're keeping you too...
Y'ALL TOO... sheesh.
Definitely he! LOL
It Is May.
For fun we ditched the bridle for a halter, even sometimes just a rope around her neck.
The Pips wander the woods with their dogs, out of sight, beyond hearing (unless you really, really listen). They have been raised to be responsible, have good sense, and know all signs of warning. So they meander, educated and with the protection of their canines, freely.

In prior years, during this week of May I would head to New York for the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF). Some years I'd stroll about in a sundress; some years I'd shiver in a winter coat and umbrella. This year, it is perfect spring May weather- but I remain here. Now that I'm all settled in to our life in the off grid prefab house, maybe it's time to resume those spring visits... I always enjoyed talking the emerging designers showing their modern furniture and accessories, catching up with old friends and family...

There's so much to like about modern... but it made me think:
Here's what I don't like about modern design:
  • Anything modern that is overly whimsical. I think laughter should be natural, not forced, as in "Ah ha, I get the very obvious joke..." Nah. 
  • Clean but cold- a modern house / modern design should feel clean but welcoming
  • Modern design that is not well-thought out functionally- I can't stand design that doesn't function well. Think: the trend of modern bathtubs where the spigots are in really unreachable / awkward points for an actual bather. Page through any Dwell and you'll see what I mean.
  • Modern design materials that are not practical- my personal peeve is the use of felt. If you have a truly colorful, rough-and-tumble life (and may you all have rough-and-tumble lives) you know that felt is evil. It does not stand up to the test of time, wash at all, much less able to repel dog hair and dirt. 
At our own modern prefab house, everyone has spring fever and a desire for... DANCE PARTIES.
"We are reliving old memories..."
I: "You're TEN! How nostalgic can ya be?!?"
As L says, "This gives new meaning to 'sock hop'...":
It is also my birthday. I spent it in the best way- no fru-fru dress nor festivities, but outdoors, on a gorgeous spring day, working on my farmer's tan in an old t-shirt, hair unbrushed, sun on my face, playing with my horse and family.
Here's some pictures from the week.
Reading Club:
Y'all have a great week.

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How much did your home cost in total? Everything but the land it was built on.

At 5/10/15, 6:09 PM , Blogger Passive Solar Prefab Homes said...

This might help you-


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