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Passive Solar Off Grid Modern Prefab Embraces Love And Art!

The Dogtrot Mod passive solar prefab cabin house in the northeast has a project meeting with the client, distributor, contractor, and ourselves next week and I will keep you posted.

At our modern passive solar prefab house there was sun, and rain. Sometimes at the same time. Here it's raining, with sun:
"Yay!!! It's sunny but it's raining!!!
I love it when it does that!!!"
And with that, she tossed on a bathing suit to dance in the rain.
Sun... rain. Sun rain sun rain sun rain sun... rain.

At the off grid modern prefab house, it was a joyful week: With less than 24 hours notice, The Rhinestone Cowgirl and Mister Blue Eyes done run off and got married, honeychiles! I was honored to be a witness.
Historic Charlotte Court House is a beautiful place to get married...
The Justice of the Peace was straight out of a combination of Sommersby and the Jeffersonian era; actually, fyi, Sommersby was filmed here, -and- Thomas Jefferson designed the courthouse!

With Mister and Missus F hitched, I threw together a 7 course wedding dinner that night, oh yes I did, and did I mention my nearest grocer is 20+ miles away? Nothing like a last minute rural 7 course dinner...
It was a LOVELY evening.
On Sunday, our little country church surprised Handsome Husband with a recognition ceremony -and CAKE- to celebrate his citizenship from this December.
We just love, love love living here, and the great people who call here home. For population 40, they sure keep us busy!

Our Hens Are Especially Active, Nowadays
We have a hen setting, and hopefully, any minute now, chicks! Good thing because I am tiring of cracking randomly every now and then a semi-formed egg into a bowl... well I guess we've got science covered for the day- can that broody hen just hatch her chicks already?!?

The Art I Had Mentioned Our Pips Had Been In, The Ethereal Work Of Tom Chambers, Is Published!
Here's some images from his To The Edge series, inspired by his trip to Iceland:
Tom Chambers Photography
Tom Chambers Photography
Tom Chambers Photography
Tom Chambers Photography
Tom Chambers Photography
Tom Chambers Photography
If you can't catch his art in London Miami NYC et al, you can do so online:
Tom Chambers Photography

Reading Club:
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  • Scythe crushes Weedwacker, lawnmower in grass-cutting competition
  • Great article on Earth Day, then and now:
  • And for those of you, like I, who ADORE pimento cheese:

After all this excitement, I'm calling it an early night at the off grid passive solar prefab house! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
'Night, y'all.

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