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A Quieter, Rainy Off Grid Week At The Passive Solar Prefab House... With A New Prefab Project Announced.

It Was A Quieter, Rainy Off Grid Week At The Passive Solar Prefab House...
Awww who are we kidding, when are we quiet over here. 

I'm excited to announce another passive solar prefab house project underway, a Dogtrot Mod prefab house from Green Cabin Kits​, another prefab project in the northeast!  This prefab project, due for fabrication in July, will go quickly.  The design documents should go to engineering this week to ensure it meets local code, then fabrication of the SIP (structural insulated panels) is coordinated with the contractor to ensure they arrive when he needs them. The contractor aims to document the project in depth so it will be fun to follow; I will keep you posted!

Meanwhile, at OUR off grid prefab home...
It's that time of year where I turn off the HRV and throw open the off grid modern prefab house's windows. The air is delicious! The redbuds, dogwood, and quince are blooming!

It's also that time of year where I amuse myself talkin' trash to Toms. They'll gobble from the woods, I'll run out the front door of the prefab and trash talk right back. It's fun. #AmusesSelfEasily

With the 150th commemoration of Appomattox over, you'd think we'd be exhausted, but no, we all have spring fever and that means lots of play!
The temperatures were perfect for al fresco dining.
What al fresco looks like at the #offgrid #prefab...
(And y'all think it's quiet in the country.)

There was lots of rain, but that didn't stop us from embracing fun... and plus our cistern is full!

Rain? What rain. We LAUGH at rain. We canter in rain. Take that, rain... #DoWeLookLikeGirlsWhoMelt?

Ha. So there.
With all the rain, the tree frogs sing loudly about the modern prefab house. It is lovely. I wonder if we're becoming Seattle. Or Portland. Or... oh. The frogs are telling me to shush and let them sing.
Sing it, y'all...!

So... a few weeks ago, an Amish friend mentioned she is making "Kraft cheese" which then led to a lively discussion on how certain things she's making (like Kraft cheese) ironically originate from really bad Non-Food from we English.

As a joke, when I came over to visit I thought I'd bring her some real Kraft "cheese," wrapped in plastic and having sat in my purse in the hot sun while the farrier came.
As you might imagine she was absolutely delighted (not)!

As I took my leave, she gifted US with some of HER (homemade) Kraft cheese.
I definitely think my family came out ahead on the gift giving...!

We headed into the city for our friend, architect, food activist, permaculture gal, and artist Lisa Taranto's art opening at Eric Schindler Gallery. Have a look!
The art of Lisa Taranto available
at Eric Schindler Gallery.
I love the way the light shines through these botanical watercolors...

So... Anyhoo. Back in the Country, Handsome Husband picked up a stack of Readers Digest books, a series of Today's Best Nonfiction.  I scanned them- "Oh, great! D Day! The Roosevelts!..." My heart warmed as I saw Pip 1 deep in them, and happily I asked,
"So, whatcha reading?"
"KINGS OF COCAINE! IT'S *AWESOME!* They're an immense network of criminals who make BILLIONS of dollars in the seventies!"
(that means "shakes mah head" if y'all don't know internet speak!)

Reading Club:

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