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Modern Off Grid Prefab House With Another Wintry Mix

Remember last week's blizzard at the off grid modern prefab houseWell this week's weather was wash, rinse, repeat.
Right as the snow was melting in earnest... (yet still slushy sheets of it still on the pasture...)
At the off grid prefab, the snow is finally melting...
Still lots o' snow on the pasture...
Prefab cabin fever?


Yet in our off grid modern prefab house, we were warm and toasty.
Being so comfortable in the off grid modern prefab house means the Pips can play (and the dogs can chase) in the icy wet snow, getting soaked and chilled to the bone because when they return, cold and frozen, the off grid prefab house will have them warmed up, fast.
"I have a stick! Do you want to get my stick! C'mon!"
He tries to "save" them in every thing they do...
'Cause you're not having fun
until yer sledding THROUGH the creek.
Frozen and soaked, dogs and childrenz returned to the prefab and promptly took a well-earned nap.

Again, our radiant heat, albeit off grid, made a real difference in the modern prefab house when temperatures fell into the single digits.  I had the cook stove going, yes, but actually the wood I had was the kind of logs you throw on to simmer over hours, not the wood I use to get the stove HOT. So the fire sputtered all night but didn't really produce substantial HEAT... so imagine the temperatures plummeting and yet you wake and inside the prefab house it was... 70.

I reiterate: As we are off grid on minimal systems the radiant heat isn't fired up with gas or anything, just heated via our solar hot water collectors, so in cold weather I observed it only gets to be in the 60s and 70s but YES and WOW it DOES make a huge difference!!! When it's 8 outside, and your slab is 70?!? IT FEELS GREAT.

If you are in a cold climate I would say make sure to have radiant heat- I am thrilled with, even off grid hence lower temperatures, its performance.

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