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Modern Off Grid Prefab House Heads To The Cit-tay And Returns With Radiant Heat.

As we sometimes do, we departed the off grid prefab house to head into the city for a few days so we don't turn too feral...

Watch out, Ladies. They had breath mints.
Ok maybe they're not quite ready for dating...
Let them be the sweet gentlemen they are... forever.

Friends, feasts, slumber parties, and cotillion smoothed the 'ornery' down a bit, but after a few days we just had to return to our off grid prefab life where we're free, free, FREE!

Now, while we were gone, the temperatures were cold- the wind was blowing, highs in the 30s-low 40s, and at night, the temperatures would fall into the low teens.
In the teens but "feels like 6!"

Our off grid passive solar house was UNHEATED- no cook stove going, nothing!- for four days, yet when we returned late morning on Saturday, without sun for the passive solar to kick in yet, outdoors it had risen from 18 (not counting windchill) to 33; indoors it was 55.8. Nice!
Arrived, we got the cook stove going and it was quickly cozy.
The wind rose- gusting 35-49 knots- and the temperatures plummeted.
From WDBJ7
"Wind chills 0 to -30"
Thousands were left without power.
Not we.
You can hear the wind wailing outside- it sounds like it's going to rip off the cladding! But inside the off grid prefab house all is quiet, still.

No drafts with a SIP house and energy efficient windows, that's for sure!
"It's miserable outside but we're cozy! Zzzzzzz...."

"Yep, I'm cozy, too!"
All the animals snoozing through the Arctic blast... each in a sunbeam...
As we lazily settled into bedtime, we noticed that OH MAH GOSH IT HAD SNOWED after the sun set!
"HOW did we not know that on our watch?!?"
PLUS y'all were snoozing all comfy in yer dog beds.
"Everyone run around like mad!"
Morning arrived. It was NEGATIVE THREE. The chickens refused to poke their beaks out of the coop. But in the off grid prefab... we were comfortable, warm, happy, enjoying the quiet Sunday.

Just in time, with even more frigid weather systems descending upon us, we hooked up the radiant heat for the modern prefab house!

Here is documentation for the radiant heat system Handsome Husband designed for our off grid modern house, the casa ti from Green Modern Kits.

Knowing it's supposed to snow hard, we brought the scaffolding back into the modern prefab to work on some indoor projects while we're blizzarded out.

In the meantime, we settle in for busy next days of weather. 
At the off grid modern prefab house we're stocked, we're cozy, we're ready to sail through what winter brings us.
Love it here.

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