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Off Grid Modern Prefab House Jump Ropes Big In A Small Footprint Home! With A Prefab House Project Update!

Our off grid modern prefab house.
I have news on the Northwest Modern Prefab (in California)!
The R1 Residential modern prefab home, modified for historic California zoning.

This modified (for an extra architect fee) modern prefab home, an R1 Residential from Green Modern Kits, has been progressing through planning in a historic, environmentally stringent area on the coast of the Northwest. Hopefully final modifications will be approved at the next Planning and Zoning meeting in March, so that the client can then finish up regarding a building permit.
Par-tay prefab modern HOUSE. Check out the deck area above the (required) garage.

UNmodified modern prefab house,
The R1 Residential
with central ventilation stack.

We are sad to lose the ventilation stack, designed to serve as the lungs and the digestive tract of the prefab home, enclosing the whole house fan and any other HVAC systems, serving as the conduit for fresh air to be drawn in from the perimeter windows to be exhausted through louvers at its peak.

Because this is an extremely temperate area of the country and because The R1 Residential is narrow enough to maintain a cross breeze, we reluctantly let it go when zoning asked (really?!?). Additionally, inside, it houses the powder room, the hall bath, and the laundry room, affording an efficient and economical plumbing layout, which remains.
I'll have pictures on the final R1 Residential Modified For Moss Beach next week.

In winter, at our OWN off grid prefab house, we plan on what projects we want to accomplish in the coming year.
Our new off grid battery is being built, and will arrive soon.

Other little girls play with baby dolls...
Building forts... Future architect? Or future hoarder?
(That took a lot o' sticks!)
She who buildeth
can haveth
taken awayeth.
We are thinking about horse fencing... for a certain horse... (or two...)
Fencing for this little boogie.

You can see the existing road
vs. green (planned road, above septic on the left) and
rough fencing idea- with much of it in woods
so that briars/ grass doesn't grow up, quickly.

Consider a modern prefab house and off grid farm, and how to do fencing- I want to maintain a certain modern lightness / invisibility vs. the traditional (beautiful, but not modern) wooden fence.

Here are my thoughts.
We are going to go 10 - 20' into the woods around the field where possible and fence using living trees. The advantage is well, they're living trees out of the edge of the field where the briars and grass grow up so it will be easier to maintain; the disadvantage is that every few years we'll need to take the stop strand down and make it the bottom strand as the trees grow.

We never would consider this with a horse like Jax. But Zena never tries to test the fence line. Heck at the B's they've had the fence off for over a year! We'd hang flags so Zena (and her friends) can see the boundaries...

In the meantime, it was rainy... good for our rainwater collection cistern!
I did a slow waltz 'round the prefab to The Carpenters Rainy Days And Mondays, done by Cracker, with a cotillion Pip. You should try it, on a Rainy Day...

(And even, one day with snow! Before it turned to rain.)

With the rain, the Pips jump-roped... inside.

It occurred to me:
Our line of modern prefab homes may be "small footprint," but wow are they really "BIG" in their space!
How many homes can YOU double dutch in?

As always, in winter, we eat really well- I love all the stews, savory pies, and roasts that cook stove season provides!
Here's some we did, this week:
"Potato" Sautee
Cover diced acorn squash in a roasting pot with salt, pepper, drizzled olive oil, shake it and bake first for a half hour.
With a little olive oil, sautee minced garlic, onions, slices of bacon.
(Better: a good chorizo or sausage! We just happened to have bacon on hand.)
Once done, toss everything into the roast pan with a bunch of torn up kale, some broth, salt, pepper... Stir until cooked every now and then.
When the broth has reduced and everything is done, toss with breadcrumbs and top with parmesean.
"Momma these 'potatoes' are so buttery good! They're delicious!"
Yeah, the lunch you just wolfed down is SO not a bunch o' squash...

Venison Pie
You can marinate the venison if you like, this time, we did in a tamari sauce, often, in just a water brine before cutting smaller...
In a skillet sautee garlic, sliced carrots, onion; venison tenderloin (cubed small) after it is all nicely sauteed add in the usual jar of tomato/ garlic / onion/ basil canned from summer. Simmer... a glug or two of apple cider vinegar, well stirred...
Make a flaky pie dough (love coconut oil) with plenty of salt and pepper... roll it out, yada yada into the pie pan.
When the tomato/venison is all delicious but really soupy add in lots of bite sized kale and turn turn turn until it's all done and not so soupy. Stir in salt, pepper, allspice.
Ladle a layer of the tomato/venison into the pie tin. Dot in some cheddar. Add in a layer of tomato / venison. Dot in cheddar. Cover with remaining dough and stab the top a few times for fun trying to make it pretty and then just giggling about how ugly your "design" is and toss it into an oven around 200 so the pie tin doesn't break, then upping the heat, turning as necessary until done.

Pip 2's Mini Berry Pies
Take teensy tinsy cast iron skillets and with any remaining dough make a crust, take some of the blackberry syrup / jam from summer as filling and cook. There ya go, Pips: dessert.
Reading Club:
Guess whose 12 year old got an "A" in their AP Java Class?
: )

And: Every day I talk to my children about the importance of putting smiles in the world. "If you take a smile away, you have to put three back, because you never know how those taken-away smiles affect everyone..." Well I just sat them down to discuss the following subject, and each person connected to this story has put in smiles, smiles, SMILES into the universe...

We have had the pleasure of watching this story unfold over the week, live.

Just follow the links, one at a time...

And please consider donating.
We did.

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