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Modern Prefab House Off Grid With Rootin' Tootin' Cowboys.

At the off grid prefab house, it was COLD.

(Ice skating at dawn. Their guardian, each time they fall, tries to drag them to safety. Shelter dogs are the best!)
‪#‎OffGrid‬ ‪#‎prefab‬ ‪#‎RescueDog‬

"Drag mah Pip to shore! Drag mah Pip to shore!!!"
Pip 1: "Awwwwwwwww, dag."
Attention: The Lifeguard Is On Break, now.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's going to be
frickin' freezing tonight,
but in the off grid prefab house we're toasty!

Oh my. But we awoke with the inside
of the prefab house at 66!
(However yes I did keep a log going
twice at night when I got up vs. just letting it
go out as usual.)

Now that I have three winters and a few polar vortexes under my living-full-time off grid belt, here is what I know about our standard thickness SIP prefab house package... as off grid:
(Again, not on grid, or with automated heat; just a small wood cook stove that I let burn out around 11 p.m....)

When the evenings are in the 20s, and the stove burns out, we awake to indoor temps in the high 60s. In typical winter weather as such, I slowly feed in one log at a time, never worrying if the fire goes out... now I know how easily comfortable we are without being frantic about dropping temperatures in the teens and twenties.
The Off Grid Prefab House Is Smooooooooth Sailing.

Now it will be going down to 8 degrees this week... then I will make sure to load up the stove before I go to bed but even then... I won't lose sleep over whether or not it's lit.

But here's what I *do* lose sleep over: The Moon.
The Wolf Moon glowed.
"January is the month of the Full Wolf Moon. It appeared when wolves howled in hunger outside the villages. It is also known as the Old Moon. To some Native American tribes, this was the Snow Moon, but most applied that name to the next full Moon, in February. "
--Farmers Almanac
Wolf Moon.
The fields are frosted, and the light glistens,
keeping me awake.

Even with the fatigue of being hyper aware when the moon is strong, it's still easy to wake up, here.
(Ok fine, the roosters help, too!)
This is what I see out of my bedroom in the mornings at the off grid prefab house:
I run outside in my pjs,
fyi, to take those sunrise pictures.

And at dusk, the sky turns opal- milky, with fire.
Thanks to closing up the chicken run at dusk, we see some fabulous sunsets...
I know I always remark on this, but when you are so cozy off grid in a SIP prefab house, you walk outside and go, "Whoa! IT'S COLD OUTSIDE!" so we are always having to remind ourselves (especially when we go ride) to layer, layer, layer and dress, dress, dress.

Over winter we cook cook cook, enjoying camaraderie, inviting friends over for soups, stews, roasts... letting the kids cook and experiment... With the cook stove always going, it's easy to put in food that simmers for hours, because, well, the cook stove is going, anyhoo!  But even in the cold, I still feed the logs on one. at. a. time... comfortably.
With Sunny Skies, Our Old Solar Batteries Have Charged And Worked Well.
But a new solar battery is being fabricated, to be shipped, so a concrete pad was poured, and cures, albeit more slowly due to the cold conditions. Here's the foam, underneath, and framing.

Reading Club:
And so we leave you for the week. Dinner conversation tonight was on ancient Greece and Rome, aqueducts, and architecture... until, out of the blue, Pip 1 blurted,
Then laughter- "Why YES you can, pipsqueak! YES, you can."

(And so, can she.)

(Awwwwwwwwwww. His horse done wore. him. out.
Tiny sez, "Take a nap in the sun!")
Note their heads are on the floor and their feet on the dog bed. Um.
See y'all next week.

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