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Off Grid Prefab House and Holidays, Thankful.

For Thanksgiving, we left the off grid modern prefab house to head into the city...
  Over tha riv-vah and throuuuuuuugh tha woods  
  to Grandma's house we go...  
There was no sleigh, nor snow, although the rain tried mightily to turn, falling heavy in icy, slushy sheets with a hail ball or two.
The sun reappeared, and Thanksgiving began.
And in our family, on holidays, we discuss scat. Sorry.
You probably don't even want to hear the rest of the conversation.
The centerpiece that wouldn't leave.
Sister: "I'd like to see my family but who cares, pass the wine..."

He is a destination tooth dropper.
So of course he lost a tooth
during T-day.

From house to house and heart to heart we visited loved ones.
Maybe that's why it was so pleasant, and relaxed : A holiday without obligations, just fun.

Food and fests over, I was itching to get back to the off grid prefab house. I love visits; but I breathe easy when I'm home.
The off grid solar chicken water heater worked great while we were gone.
We had been gone three days without heat at all, they were rainy overcast days in the  20s, 30s and 40s, yet inside the passive solar prefab built with SIP it was 61 when I arrived, when it had climbed to only 38 outside.
Homeschool / Reading Club:
We are teaching the Pips how to save and stay out of debt.
Here is a great article and perspective: Are You Giving The Shaft To Your Future Self?

I have spoken with the Pips for a long time on not just earning money every year but ways to save- from lemonade stands, to living at home while in college, instead of having apartment expenses and hence at least part time jobs to then pay for expenses you've tied yourself to vs. using summer and free time to earn money for your Future Self...

Learning skills where you can create your own job, part time as you are young but that could turn into a full time opportunity, like Java programming, html, accounting, skills where you could "work from home" to do and hence live wherever you want vs. living where the job is located. That too is freedom!
If your child graduates, and is able to find a career where you live, imagine the opportunity you could give them even if you don't have a wad of cash to give- "Live with me rent free for three years. You have three years, and that's it. The money you save will be your deposit on a house." House shop so they know what local prices are and have a figure in mind to pay at least 20%.
Even on modest starting salaries it is possible, if you sock all of your money away with a rent-free opportunity.

Don't think of Starter Homes. Buy a nice small house you love and grow through life's stages in it, paying it off quickly to then enjoy your life.

From Mr. Money Mustache:
"As it turns out, spending much less than you earn is the way to get rich. The ONLY way. And the effects are surprising: if you can save 50% of your take-home pay starting at age 20, you’ll be wealthy enough to retire by age 37. If you already have some assets now, you’re even closer than that. If you can save 75%, your working career is only 7 years.
Passive solar with vintage Christmas tree.

But how can you save so much?
The bottom line is this: by focusing on happiness itself, you can lead a much better life than those who focus on convenience, luxury, and following the lead of the financially illiterate herd that is the TV-ad-absorbing Middle Class of the United States today (and most of the other rich countries). Happiness comes from many sources, but none of these sources involve car or purse upgrades. "

I'm also thinking it's not just how you save, but how you work.
It's not just about saving financially; it's about SAVING TIME for yourself to enjoy life.
"Working Hours Mean Working Hours
In German business culture, when an employee is at work, they should not be doing anything other than their work. Facebook, office gossip with co-workers, trolling Reddit for hours, and pulling up a fake spreadsheet when your boss walks by are socially unacceptable behaviors."
With Thanksgiving done, it was time for the Appomattox Christmas Parade!
I had been practicing my Queenly Wave for months. Because, as many of you know, I had the honor of having a special duty in the Appomattox Christmas Parade...

Look for the Lady With The Muck Bucket... : )

Try pulling a full muck bucket 'cross town, honeychiles. IT WAS NOT EASY WORK! 
(But I waved a Queenly Wave...)
This Joker is 17 1+ for y'all that know hands.
He is full o' Christmas spirit. : )

V is laughing at me...
I, to V: "Yer jest jealous I have the muck bucket."

She: "Ohhhhhhh noooooooo I t'ain't..." : )

You have to throw it!

We all had a great time.

I hope y'all have a great next week.
In the meanwhile, we are quietly playing carols, cooking, enjoying a quiet weekend...
The tree was trimmed, there was swing dancing in the great room, and now a nice evening...
 (Pip 2's comment; "That guy needs to brush his teeth.")

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