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Off Grid Prefab Modern House Parties At Pamplin And A Pow Wow.

It has been a great week at Green Modern Kits, with the modified prefab house, the R1 Residential outside of San Francisco, undergoing further transformations for zoning.

I will have more details,
and detailed explanations, later...

As many of you know, we are in the thick of this project developing on the West Coast, in a historic area, which meant a modified version of our R1 Residential. Zoning wants off street parking with an attached garage... and I have just received the latest from the architect, San Francisco's Morgan Pierce.

In green building we are not big fans of attached garages, but it is mandatory for zoning in Moss Beach. We will advise the client on how to address fresh air exchange; but if you have to do it you might as well celebrate style, and LIFEstyle.

How do you take an already Coolio Passive Solar Prefab and turn it even more mod? 
Put a deck on it, West Coast. 
Put a party deck on it.
[I want to go to THAT party...]

At my own modern off grid prefab house, this is the easy season, when the gardens are almost spent, the hay is made, corn is cut and in silos...

The air is cool at night, but we leave windows open, happy to snuggle under blankets; then it warms through the day, even hot.

We are so happy to be home.
How many times can this child read
Little House On The Prarie?!?
His new fave "stick."

As we wend our way to various farms for errands, the light is just so peaceful... it is beautiful, here...

We often remark that people would pay thousands of dollars to fly far away in the hopes that they might discover such charm, even as mundane errands are run... the Amish buggies, the lively conversation, the field fresh food, and... when you've made good grades in an AP Java class... the excitement of visiting an Amish friend's farm to slowly contemplate which bantams you will choose as your own.

See, 'round here, if you do well in school, you get rewarded with more livestock.
He named him "Red Neck."
They have no idea what "redneck" means.
I am wondering if I should make them change it... or not.

I mean, he *does* have a red neck...

I think her name is Tawny.

Even with good grades, there's always chores...
...and lots o' homework.
Pip 1 is taking a MOOC taught by a friend. It is VERY STRANGE seeing a little version of your friend coming through the computer screen, voice floating through the off grid prefab... ‪#‎MOOC‬ ‪#‎JAVA‬

We also headed to Celebrate Pamplin Day, where great old time music and shootouts occur, and no one blinks.

Sunday we went for a drive.
To Natural Bridge and the Monacan Indian Pow Wow.

This I will say about Natural Bridge: I have spent a lifetime of viewing photographs of the bridge...
When you see it in person, it takes your breath away.
NO pictures do it justice; how can you fit tens of thousands of years of nature into a simple photo?
On the drive...
At the Monacan Indian Pow Wow, the dancers were amazing and we actually are starting to recognize faces from the other events we go to, which is nice. It was great to see the inter-tribal dances, and people came from as far away as Oklahoma (hi Apache!). 
Very special.

The drive home was beautiful. Every now and then we randomly stopped, for the heck of it.

Reading Club / Homeschool:
STEM: The literacy of the future
Reading buddy. But can she code?
"What if I told you that today, right now and in the wealthiest nation on Earth, nearly 100 percent of the population is illiterate? You and I — and nearly everyone else — lack basic literacy skills necessary in the modern economy we’ve built. 
And what if you were to discover that your children and our future likely will be no better off if we don’t do something about this critical problem very soon?
In fact, what if you knew that your tax dollars paid for schools where 99 percent of students are actually denied basic literacy skills, and only the most elite students are given access to classes where literacy skills are taught? 
These statistics are not science fiction. They’re compiled by national nonprofit, and they capture a very real and very disturbing snapshot of the prevalence — or lack thereof — of computer science courses in the nation’s public schools."
I have loved the *creativity* that has been sparked in both kiddos through code.

If children learn at least basic code, it can help them soar.

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