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Facing Fall, Finally.

Just because I am savoring every last drop o' summer  in a beautiful tiny town on the Chesapeake Bay doesn't mean I'm not busy.

We have more news on the Moss Beach prefab house (an R1 Residential from - zoning has asked for very minor adjustments, which we return to them this week. It *IS* expected to be approved, so this will hopefully be a fun project to follow on the West Coast...

While adjustments are made to that prefab house, and quotes progress on others, I have canned over 50 quarts of pasta sauce, put up corn, and am on to making salsa.

This kitchen looks like
a deranged scientist's lab, exploded.

Handsome Husband is busy on his own project: He is turning a trailer shed that came with the Ramshackle property into a greenhouse.
*I* am a little disappointed because I thought that trailer shed would make a PERFECT GYPSY CARAVAN, but oh well, a boy needs a greenhouse on *wheels* so there ya go.
(Sheesh. The gypsy caravan would have been SO MUCH MORE PRACTICAL, no?!?)

Okra Poppers
The Pips are begging me to make this for a party. "But how will we make sure other kids won't grab it ALL?!?!" Ummmmm IT'S OKRA. I think yer safe. But then again, LOOK WHAT HAPPENED WITH KALE..."

(FYI okra poppers are just cooked in a touch of grease, stirring and letting them sit so they "grill," sprinkled w/ salt, pepper, coriander. Kids love 'em. Er, at least mine do.)

Canning Tip:
From Pasta Sauce To Soup
Eventually as you can down the sauce, as your tomatoes cook down, yes there will be extra liquid. Don't throw it out, serve it over noodles in all kinds of different ways as a hearty summer soup! Today I threw in some pasta, a little bbq, then ladled over some liquid, sprinkled with a little cheddar... The kiddos LOVED it. For *myself*, I spooned in delicious ripe avocado pieces into a bowl, ladled over some juice, a little sriracha and cheddar... *Heavenly summer soups.* Nothing wasted, thrown out, but *enjoyed* and *savored,* in season.

I will miss crabs. 
The sand bar. 
Our many, many friends.
But it's time to return home, to our friends at home, to Brunswick stew, Amish pies, horses, hiking, history... and to the off grid prefab house.

Well, wait: we have history here, too...
But with school's start, the crowds of children evaporate.
We head home.
Even the pictures here start to look like fall:
It was a great summer, with lots of growing.
Growing of skills- after a summer of endless belly flops, the children finally learned to dive!
They learned what a record (and Herb Alpert) is.

They learned to cartwheel.
They played endless games of King (and Queen) of the Raft.
They now confidently sail, and summer brought deeper friendships and growth in their circle of friends.
They spent summer in sandy bathingsuits.
But now it's time to head home.
"Y'know, I'm good on all my horse stuff- got new boots, have all my tack... so for my birthday, I'd like you to teach me Java."

Well OK then. Honeychile, have I got the course for you, AND it's taught by a real friend of mine, it's free, AND IT STARTS THIS WEEK!

We start the Regular School Year this week, too, but thanks to summer school they are 53% and 47% done with the upcoming year's math!

There is still much work to be done. In school, at the off grid prefab, on the homestead...
So savor summer's memory. 
Even while we run to fall.

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