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Home At The Off Grid Modern Prefab House!!!!

We are back home! Home at the off grid modern prefab house!!!

AND I have an update on The Little Lab, the modern prefab home from our Green Cabin Kits line under construction in the northeast! She sent in *lots* of pictures and stories, but I am waiting for some exterior shots before I can publish her latest. If they arrive in time I will publish them in this post!
But first, an important PSA: If you are reading this off grid prefab house blog, you probably are passionate about modern design, gardening, and... cooking... so I have an Important Allergy Alert: Pink Peppercorns = Cashews
It seems everyone these days is enjoying specialty spices in grinders, I have never seen such varieties of salts and peppers EVERYWHERE. So if you are preparing a beautiful dish for others, please be aware that pink peppercorns = tree nut allergy trigger and that those pretty pink flakes could kill someone.
"Pink peppercorns, pink pepperberries, pink berries, Peruvian pepper and whatever else they may be called, are related to 
and can cause an anaphylactic reaction in those who are allergic to CASHEWS/TREE NUTS. "

So, everybody? Those pretty little pepper grinder mixes? 
Look for the pink, *read the ingredients,* it could be deadly to someone you love.

But Back To The Prefab House!
Yes, we are home, it is wonderful to be home.
Tiny and The Prefab. If you need a weird
band name, you've just found it. Heck
I'll even let you use this as yer cover art.
With heavy heart I report our dear Turkey Lurkey "Mr. Gobbles" is nowhere to be found.

I haven't given up hope- there is a *huge* flock of wild turkeys in the field, roosting closer than ever to the prefab! So I wonder if he has not joined up with them. OR he might be in a coyote's belly... but every day he had here was one more than he would have enjoyed at The A's.
Everybody ends up as dinner, somewhere... so just enjoy each day.

Right as I grimly accepted the fact that we have no turkey, the two roosters I left with him exploded out of the woods, up to the house! They are robust, happy, healthy... well fed, these foragers...
Foraging free birds...
Well good morning to you, too, rooster!
Free Bird
The lesson here is that YES completely free ranging birds are possible, even easy, but the reality is that with free range comes predator access. You might be fine for months! Years! And then that one stray dog, that coyote pack comes too close... and there ya go.

So once we get the fencing up, once the surrounding fields are ringed with electric fencing, once we have more protection, THEN I will get another turkey... because I did enjoy him.

The free range foraging birds all look stocky; so clearly the foraging provides them more than enough feed. I'm just careful to leave swaths of uncut field to provide them with plenty of seed heads and grasshoppers... nature works.
The 100% Free Range Foraging Roosters
are lookin' mighty fine...

Seed heads not mowed / left around the prefab house-
clover, assorted grasses...
for foraging birds...

How To Be A Hostess, Easily
While I'm here, I got a call from our dear friends The A's, who, like the B's and J's and many friends, I have been begging to visit me at the leaky ole farm house on the bay...
The In-Town Ramshackle
a 150 year old house
50' off Main Street, near the bay.
"Hey we decided to take a few days off and thought we'd come!"
"Great! FINALLY! Except... I won't be there, I'll be here."

I am so thrilled our dear friends are finally coming to visit a place close to my heart. Can't wait to hear their stories when they return. Very sad to miss their visit, as I'm here; but also chuckling that THIS WAS THE EASIEST HOSTING, EVER. : ) I mean, seriously, I cleaned up before I left, but the sheets aren't changed, things were kind of  "as is"... But isn't that how you welcome your closest friends? "Who cares, I'm not set up but COME. ON. IN!"  THEY ARE COMING TO THE IN-TOWN RAMSHACKLE!!!

I am so happy that the two communities I love are finally meeting.
Here's some pictures of the other community from this week.
'Tis the season...

She makes her own accessories, always...

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