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Easing In

 We are back at the bay.
The ospreys all have babies, now...

To gain sailing confidence, we now race the Pipsqueaks to the sandbar- we, in a canoe, as they sail.
Their caregivers are NOT HAPPY their charges are out of reach.
They are howling worried protestations.
On the land, sometimes friends come visiting via horse. And sometimes, buggy.
Here's how friends come a callin', here...
I have begun walking, again. I’m so glad I’m southern. The air smells of gardenia, magnolia, and honeysuckle.

In summer, everything slows down...
Here, the speed limit is: figs.

The In-Town Ramshackle.
At the 150 Year Old Farmhouse, aka The In-Town Ramshackle, annual cleanup work progresses before we are truly "open" for the season.  Over the winter, the shut up house gains a light bit of mold. Handsome Husband works on permanent solutions- he graded around the house, etc. but still the air, being so still in a humid seaside environment, needs help.

For lingering mold spores, we fogged the house with a Concrobium fogger- a nontoxic mist that would be more effective / penetrating than trying to just scrub down surfaces.

It was much easier than we thought the process would be. There was no residue; just old overwintered dust in corners stirred up as the fogger went through, to clean.

A day later I went back through the rooms to which I normally immediately react: IT WORKED.

I am now a fan of the Concrobrium fogger. Once the SOURCE of mold is resolved structurally in / around a home, using the fogger can really help to eliminate any lingering spores.

In the meantime, check out this amazing doodle by a friend, Todd Galentine: I want it in a fabric, for modern beach furniture, and a ManEater Dress.
Todd Gallentine is an Art Director / CD / Pop-Culture Anthropologist/DJ/Surfer/Aging Skateboarder. Check him out at

Make Yer Own Perfume
You might recall I experimented with fresh flowers and oil, aimin' to make perfume.
Weeks later, I checked in on the result-
"Peony" and "Roses"...

Yeah, being extremely allergic to mold, I'm not wearing that.
But I will try this experiment, again...

We have an old friend visiting from Germany who became sun-burnt. I knew we had burn relief, somewhere, but as the house was being fogged we were at my parent's... and I found nothing.
I remembered a handy remedy I had read about- tea! I brewed very strong green tea, chilled it, then had him blot it on his face, which was beet red... the next day it seemed to have helped!

So, The Pipsqueaks are sailing the bay.
Today's assignment is teamwork. We shall see. #NotAHelicopterMom
See, I don't need to be a helicopter mom- I can hear them bicker bicker bickering for MILES, so no reason to keep them in sight...!

Reading Club:
We are in HOMESCHOOL HELL. Hell, hell, hell, blippedty hell.
Sea horsies! Caught in a crab pot,
gawked at a bit, then released.
We will have to do some marine studies
this summer.

In the past weeks, we have taken every frickin' SOL test known to man, the SCAT, the Stanford Tests... and I might be forgetting a test or two. WE ARE TESTED OUT AND MISERABLE and can't see straight and will never end the year this way again.

Oh, wait. Back to the SCAT.
So... I am always looking for good homeschool resources, and never satisfied. I found a cool science class, but you had to take a test to get in. And that you had to take this whatever test by June 30 and THAT WON'T DO, we will be in Deltaville, so the earliest I could find for whatever this thing was we could do was Thursday. Oh, ok. 

So I hauled Pip 1 into Richmond, drove to some strange sterile "testing center" where they made him turn out his pockets and show them his ankles- AN ELEVEN YEAR OLD, all to take some blippety-blip test. 

While he was testing, I was judging their "The Right Choice For A Healthier You" vending machines.
"The Right Choice For A Healthier You"
said the banner. Later Pip 1 looked at this, and pealed,
"Hahahahaha that's like SEVENTY-FIVE ingredients
per package! Hahahahaha!"

Then the test was done, we continued on to Deltaville, unloaded 15 chickens 2 mastiff mixes loads of summer clothes, started cleaning the In-Town Ramshackle and unpacking and that's when we found out that Pip 1 was accepted to participate in Johns Hopkins Center For Talented Youth Program.

I haven't had much time to look at it yet, we are in the midst of finishing up 5th grade and getting everything ready for the summer but I do know that I'm starting to panic and freak out about all this. 

Outside, it began to storm. 
Rain = my first free moment, not chasing childrenz, dawgs, chickens.
So, I type, "Who goes to CTY?" and got "...notable alumni include Sergei Brin, Mark Zuckerberg..."

Right when I start panicking that I'm going to have to take this really seriously, I spy,
"...and Lady Gaga."

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