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Spring Stuck, What Luck!

At the off grid prefab house, the week began with rain and high wind, gusting sideways...  But spring remained.

Continuing on the garden...
Trench system combined with cloth to prevent weeds...

I even get dandelion bouquets...
I present a poem, by , that reminded me of our old city neighborhood, yet gives me such joy:
"Happy the old man
with a yellow yard,
neighbors hate him.
Heedless of their emerald carpets,
he tends to
his dandelion ecstasies"
Up came Easter.
With fifteen baby chicks, an angry feral cat, four laying hens, two mastiff mixes and the childrenz, we headed into the city, then for the bay, to the 150 year old In Town Farmhouse, and to The Parents.

Nothing like side-seat CHICKENS to criticize mah driving...
"Hey you! Go FASTER, this is boring!"

We arrived, as did family.
Here comes the sun / 
Here comes the suuuuuun / 
It's alright...
We also used the time to work, as always, on the 150 year old In Town Farmhouse. 
It *always* needs work... but gets better every year.
There was grading and pruning (of 100+ year old shrubs) and mowing and wiping and fence-erecting to be had...
You can see where hydrangeas used to be,
collecting moisture...

More grading...
and cutting away old shrubs to allow air
to circulate without destroying
the old plants.
Chicken tractor and electric fence help contain critters...

But as time passed, homesickness for life at the off grid prefab house grew.
Zena, on etch-a-sketch.
Reading Club:
My poor homeschooled child is had to endure me doing an air guitar & singing, "YO MAMMA ROCKS AT CODE / YO MAMMA ROCKS AT CODE" after I beat him in javascript.

Continuing on with art history...
Las Meninas... not Las Meninas.
Animal farm approach.
Stark cubism approach.

They are loving 's class. #MOOCs

Business In Bloodworms
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