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Passive Solar Prefab House Adjusts Off Grid Solar For Spring And Summer Seasons

After all the adventure last week, we headed home to the off grid prefab house.

We arrived mid-afternoon, during a day that had seen high 70s/low 80s... I had the windows down in the car to cool the dogs and chickens as best possible, but still, it was a hot ride.
At the modern prefab house, chickens, dogs, and childrenz happily spilled out of the vehicle into the fields. Unpacking the overstuffed and stuffy car, it was so (literally) cool to enter the untouched prefab house- outdoors was dusty and gusty with warmth; but being well insulated, it was a nice refreshing 67/ 68 inside the prefab house- enough so that I, in my sundress, had goosebumps!!!!
The concrete floor was cool, the inside of the prefab house so refreshing...
It was good to be home. 
Passive solar at work at the prefab house-
note the shadows, with the approach of spring / summer,
lengthen over the windows, preventing the sun
 from heating up the prefab house by radiating in, directly.

Seasonal chores at the off grid prefab house currently include...Continuing to plant...
Rows of planting, terraced in the slopes around the prefab house.

Some of the cloth covers had blown off in an intense storm, so I did my traditional direct sowing in those rows. Now it is a competition to see how my direct sow with weeding fares against Handsome Husband's cloth-covered rows.  We. Shall. See.

The solar panels on the modern prefab house were also lowered, to better face the higher position of the sun.
An anxious audience surveys the lowering of the solar panels.
He is not taking his eyes off his charges, as they navigate the roof.
Lowering the solar panels to better embrace the higher spring / summer sun.
His People finally descend the roof and he (and I) can now relax.

We walked the woods, looking for morels and ramps...
 ...but found flakes of gold in the creek and quicksand instead.
They found gold!
Note dog succumbing in the background...

We made sure to enjoy the fiddlehead ferns while they are, so fleetingly, available.
(If you have never had fiddlehead ferns, and wonder how they taste, think: artichokes.)

Modern Bedding, Modern Design
I have written about my sistah Katja Ollendorff in the past and her amazing textile work.
Well I just saw that her custom modern headboards are on sale for 20% off until the end of April at NOYO. Just click on "Headboard Collections" and select "Katja." I hereby decree that for every headboard sold will mean she has to visit me once. So click click click away!!!!!
See more of Katja Ollendorff's modern textile design, here.
I like this one in particular because it reminds me of bones and vertebrae and disks between finger parts. Of course Katja would be going "Oh GROSS Copeland..." but that's just my inner goth talking..
AND, being a sailor, this one reminds me of sea kelp:
Good stuff.

Friday we headed to Bedford, VA, for Homeschool Day at the National D Day Memorial.

Learning how rationing works-
40 points and $2 to live on for a month!

The volunteers and staff were amazing. It was interesting to speak with them about how Homeschool Day compares to other school field trip visits. With homeschoolers, they are able to do more activities- we had seven stations where children learned and then worked on projects revolving around Spies, Propaganda, Rationing, Maps, Strategic Moments, and more, including a talk by a WWII veteran who shared his own experiences.
Of course, her spy story has a horse.
They discussed propaganda...
And of course, her propaganda has a horse.
"Don't TALK
or someone
will WALK!"
He's going, "THIS IS AWESOME!
This WWII veteran shared his stories.
After, Pipsqueak 1 spoke to him privately awhile.

After the activities were completed, guides took small groups through the memorial.

Today is Remembrance Day. I am picking Holocaust survivor's stories from the internet to share with the children, so they can see the people who survived, listen to their stories, to never forget.

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