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Modern Prefab House Gets A Prefab Cabin Update With Off Grid Solar Cooking

In the shake of a lamb's tail we went from cook stove season to solar cooking season!!!

Pipsqueak 1 says the air smells like dew, pollination, flowers, trees, and happiness.

We are happy, off grid, at the prefab house...
Baby chicks are cheep cheep cheeping, horses are loping, dogs are snoozing in the sun.
April 1st arrived.
I opened up a "piece of mail" and excitedly exclaimed,
I waited until the tears were welling up, as I excitedly congratulated them, to finally shout "April Fools!" Bwahahahaha. They behaved themselves very nicely the rest of the week... #Homeschool

Brewing sweet tea!

It is officially spring.
This means the prefab is comfortable effortlessly- the temperatures rise into the 60s-80s, then fall to the 30s-40s and we are just ridiculously comfortable without doing a darned thang.

From up north, I received an update on the Green Cabin Kits Prefab House being erected in the northeast!

A Prefab Cabin House - The Tiny Little Lab Progresses!

If you recall, this client is "doing it backwards"- building the smaller unit first, then the main unit later this year.

She calls her prefab cabin, "The Little Lab."
It's such a beautiful house site. The client is surrounded by meadows and rolling hills... I can't wait to hear about her life there once it's all complete.

Project Notes: The client used different windows that were spec'd by our prefab house architect, Damon Pearson.
Click here to read her prefab house kit update, in her words.

We are busy at our own prefab house...

We cut horse trails, planted potatoes...
He's all, "Ya diggin' holes? 'Cause I can help you with that..."
I'm all,"Ack! Go away!"
"Can WE help, too?!?" No!

We spent time with Zena...

We did errands...
And as with many places today, you do have to be careful about the crazy traffic...
Pamplin traffic.

Moving gravel, we came upon a hibernating baby snake!
We moved him into the wood pile, which has good southern exposure, and will offer him protection.  However, I did give it a stern warning to stay away from my coop or it's off to the cow pasture you go!

There was time to relax, and read...
A Family That Reads Together Stays Together
I looked over & everyone was deep in a book...
Checked out what they were reading and it wasn't light, lol, and what am *I* doing?
Time to solar cook.

Two Day Roast Chicken, Off Grid
Celebrate the end of cook stove season by embracing a cold night on the cook stove!

Day 1: Roast Chicken
  • Lightly grease a roast pan
  • Cut lengthwise 2 onions, cut carrots to be about 4", cut potatoes to be sliced about 1" thick and layer, all over the roast pan
  • Add the defrosted chicken, and splash a little lime juice within, and over it
  • Sprinkle it all liberally with salt & pepper
  • Roast until done
  • Once it has cooled and your meal over, put in one container all the remaining vegetables, cut up, shred all meat from the bone, pour all pan juices over it, and refridgerate
  • With the remaining bones / odd veggies, make a broth.
 Day 2: Chicken Pot Pie
Now 24 hours later, it's warm, so solar cook that pot pie!

  • Make the dough. Everyone is always talking about flaky crust... forget that. Make it easy on yourself and a crunch dough more appropriate for this savory pie by...
    1. In a bowl, add the flour, salt, pepper and butter (and I also often add bacon grease) into the warming oven until the butter is loose and malleable.
    2. Stir it all up until it's a loose grainy mess, then add enough tap water (yep don't worry about icy) to make a dough.
    3. Flour an area, roll out your dough, blah blah blah as usual
  • Add the first thin layer of dough to the buttered pie pan
  • Take yesterday's mixed container of veggies/meat and add a layer.
  • Salt, pepper, and then sprinkle some sharp cheddar and peas over it.
  • Repeat layers until done
  • Finish with a layer of dough.
I: "One day someone will serve you an industrial frozen pot pie and you will think of this, and also realize that the goop they just slopped on yer plate is what THEY think chicken pot pies taste like. HA!"

Solar Cooked Meat And Veggie Pie
Loosely follow this recipe.
Instead of sweet potatoes, I eyed my last winter squash and used that up.

Use the winter veggies as the "crust", and for the first layer: extremely thinly sliced; then a layer of broccoli (or other winter green), a ground beef mixture of garlic / ginger / onion / cinnamon / nutmeg / salt / pepper mixed in with a can of spinach or mustard greens; then slices of sharp cheddar, and finally, some last squash slices.

Reading Club:
If ya drop anything...
He's ready!

SOMEONE thinks our homeschool needs a logo. And a mascot.

Gold class rings with seals comin' right up... ; )
Until then...

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