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Passive Solar Modern Prefab Is City-fied

This week, we were not at the passive solar modern prefab house.
Now picture if you just left your house in frigid temps like these, away and unheated.
Pipes would burst, concrete would crack...

Not in the SIP house. 
Passive solar design allows the winter light in...

The passive solar, thermal mass, and energy efficient SIP of the prefab house keeps our investment safe and secure from the weather.  We also insulated *under* and *around* the foundation. You wouldn't head out into these icy temperatures in a coat, hat, gloves yet barefoot, with no trousers, would you? Why do that with your house? So yes, make sure you also insulate underneath the SIP / foundation as well!

We headed into Richmond for the week, for more doctors' appointments, numb...
I understand if people are thinking, "Oh, please, it was just a horse."
I never imagined a horse could give us so much love.
We miss Riata so much, every day.
We were always talking,
*while* she was talking to them, the kids.
As usual here she's doing both.

So, it's very hard to suddenly go from being in the barn daily, and with dogs and children running free, to then be... in the city for days- We were in the city a week.
♫♫ Oh give me a prefab home,
where the animals roam...♫♫
♫♫ Where the deer and the chiiiick-unz play...♫♫
♫♫ Where seldom is heard
a discouraging word, ♫♫
♫♫ And the sky is not cloudy all day. ♫♫
Chorus: (Y'all sing, now!) PREFAB HOME! ♫♫
♫♫ Prefab home on the range... ♫♫

As much as we enjoy using DC and Richmond as tourists, seeing friends, taking advantage of museums and more options for groceries... I'm always homesick even before we leave, as I drag suitcases from the prefab house into the car...

To RVA and DC We Went, And Had A Nice Time, Considering.
It was strange eating creasy greens, picked up from an Amish neighbor the day before, in the city...

I also woke up in the middle of the night... I heard a low growl, of dogs downstairs. The growl would rise, and fall, always a low warning... As I gained consciousness I wondered, "WHY are the dogs growling at each other?!? Can they not share the couch?!? Sheesh!"

As I became more lucid, I realized it wasn't dogs growling but the incessant hum, approach, and passing of: TRAFFIC.
Hello, people, I am in the city. 

But we did have fun.
City visits are for seeing old friends, museums, and meandering dates with my Handsome Husband.
We headed to the Virginia Museum (VMFA), Virginia Historical Society, and up to Alexandria.  [Pamplin friend: "If you culture up those childrenz any more, they'll turn into yogurt!]
 (In Alexandria, people thought my coat was fancy
until I explained it keeps me from getting shot at home...)
 Torpedo Factory Art Center

My 9yr old, missing home and rollerskating loops in the city house, is humming and singing this:
Now you can, too. 
The city has been nice, but we're itchy.
Time to cut out of here and go home,
to our off grid modern prefab HOME.

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