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Home! Home At The Modern Prefab SIP House!

And then we were home! Home at the off grid house!
We had a great time in the city, but it was great to be back home, in our modern prefab house.


Did I mention it was great to be home...?
After a week in the city,
she headed straight for the mud.
For those who ponder on different finishes within these prefab homes that are not drywall, when we were in DC last week we did note a plywood application that was different:
These plywood squares were about 2' x 2'
Note they also altered the grain.
  1. Note the plywood is cut in smaller squares, hence easier to cut to the edges / pitches / around electrical boxes. If you make a mistake, you only impact a small square vs. an entire panel.
  2. I'm liking the dark matte wash, it appears black, then when you approach, is gradients of brown to black, so still has warmth to it.
  3. The squares would give the walls an overall different texture than just panels. I would love to see how squares + panel applications heightened or reduced the sense of space depending on what the client desired.
At the passive solar prefab house, the weekend brought hot temperatures! Really? A December day of 73 degrees?!? Say it t'ain't so.

Heading Into Holidays
We can never have a better Christmas than we did last year.
Santa brought us beloved horses, now gone.

But... This Christmas season is not terrible. Since Riata's death we have been surrounded with love, and her love lives in us.

I have been watching friends discuss gifts and the upcoming holidays and it is clear: Those where material gifts are not the priority, are much, much happier.  

Even feeling empty in our loss, it's a wonderful world, and we are full, full, full of love.
Gifts Of Love
When friends say "I'm comin' to pick you up!" 'round here, often they mean on horseback. Pipsqueak 2 did *lots* of extra school yesterday to be able to take the day off with Morgan! We loved seeing them disappear into the woods...

Thanks to all our friends who share their equines with us... we are grateful for their gifts of love and time, and it IS the world to us.

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