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Off Grid Prefab House Now Has Grass And In Rain, That Means NO MUD.

Off grid prefab home with grass, hence no mud despite the rains!
Prefab house from, dogs and children and chickens not included, lol.

I was languidly lying in bed, reading Dwell, leisurely going through our huge stack of mail at the off grid passive solar house, when I noticed Dwell's issue date. Oh. NO. I realized... it was the September issue. THAT MEANS... SUPPOSEDLY... GREEN MODERN KITS, GREEN COTTAGE KITS, AND GREEN CABIN KITS ARE LISTED IN THE NEXT ISSUE OF DWELL.

As I keep saying... Fall seemed so far away...!
I wanted to have the blog and websites updated and pretty. Yet I haven't taken nice decorative-y pictures of the interior of the prefab house lately, because this prefab house is rocking the children dog and chicken chaos, not clean, pristine, modern design! I haven't contacted the Pennsylvania Dogtrot Mod for pictures! I haven't asked the West Virginia Midway from Green Cottage Kits for pictures! Shoot. I give up.
IT IS SUMMER and we are running from the In-Town Ramshackle at the bay to the off grid prefab house, and across its concrete floor in bathing suits with galoshes tracking mud, red clay and grass happily through! [That's why we have a concrete floor, honeychiles, that's why we have a concrete floor.]
Sticks. Everywhere. Shredded stuff. Everywhere.
Oh, and by the way, we have no shoes left.

Shoot. I'm going to have to scrub the house, aren't I. Wash windows. Take pictures of bedrooms.
We still haven't even replaced the pane in the south window that was broken this spring, lol! The new window pane has been sitting here for months!

We avoided the issue and approaching fall by tilling up the summer garden, thus adding green manure to the horrid clay soil, spread manure (thank yew, horses!), mixed that in, then planted the fall / winter garden.

We are gardening by terraces, using the inclined area around the prefab home for food gardening. Our soil is terrible, though improving slowly. We just keep planting, and tilling in last's season's plants, before planting again, with hopes of no-till on the far horizon.
You can see the lowest bed is the newest, with the most clay.
So the upper tiers have been improving.

The rain came...

And we could test out the terraces. They held the water great, stopping it, moving it slowly over the line of just-sown seeds. For more on permaculture, and terraces, I recommend Sepp Holzer.

Back At The In-Town Ramshackle Last Week, Another Rainy Day Yielded An Under-$10 Crafty Project.
Growing up punk rock, I just... I never got the sewing bug.
If I wanted my skirt shorter, I ripped it. A more dramatic fold in a dress? That's what a stapler is for! So, here is my crafty project of the week, during a day of downpour at the 150 Year Old In-Town Ramshackle, where, expecting company, I created a funky sink skirt for the bathroom for just under $10.

I also saw my first Double-crested Cormorant this week, a juvenile who was, actually, drying his wings, as birding books so often mention. So cool this bird is coming back from the use of DDT.

With the mention of DDT, I must mention...
Neonicotinoids, the new DDT. Highly persistent, lasting up to 19 years in the soil, this article is a must-read.
"Neonicotinoids are highly persistent chemicals, lasting (according to the few studies published so far) for up to 19 years in the soil. Because they are persistent, they are likely to accumulate: with every year of application the soil will become more toxic.

What these pesticides do once they are in the soil, no one knows, as sufficient research has not been conducted. But – deadly to all insects and possibly other species at tiny concentrations – they are likely to wipe out a high proportion of the soil fauna. Does this include earthworms? Or the birds and mammals that eat earthworms? Or for that matter, the birds and mammals that eat insects or treated seeds? We don't yet know enough to say.

This is the story you'll keep hearing about these pesticides: we have gone into it blind. Our governments have approved their use without the faintest idea of what the consequences are likely to be."

Here's One Thing I Loved About The Downpour Days At The Off Grid Prefab Home ...aside from the cistern filling again, of course!
Check out my feet.

Check out my dog's feet.
"I have FEET?!?"

WHY Is this important?
No mud. After walking around outside after a downpour.
Welcome, GRASS...

Handsome Husband chided me for sowing seed in spring, but boy is he now grateful! For the first time, the home site around the prefab house does NOT turn into a mud pit with rain. For that, we are grateful.

And can now, with a full cistern and grass grown, start truly cleaning the mud and grit off the interior of the off grid prefab home.

Nephew 3 Came Out, We Felt Up For Adventure.

So I taught him how to drive...
When it wasn't raining, we played.

She's pretty good...

When the chicken crosses the road,

Then we Headed In To Brookneal.
A good sign this diner might be good...!

And To Patrick Henry's Red Hill.

Even driving there was pretty. 
We love it here...

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