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Modern Prefab Home : Off Grid Cistern Is FULL!

The off grid prefab home's cistern is full!!!!!
This week it rained cats and dogs and even a rooster and cow or two.
The lightning & deluge were insane... true gully-washers.

I like how the tree frogs were all excited & singing, their crescendo rising as the lightning clashed and flashed and hurled down each strike... !

Each time a big rain came, it was at night, and embroiled with lightning. So no, I did *not* walk outside to take video. But it appears that washing the WISY filter and shoring up the gutter did the trick in getting rainwater into the cistern at our off grid home, because after the rains our cistern was FULL. 

Pipsqueak 1 checked... and people: OUR CISTERN IS FULL. Halleluiah, honeychiles.

at the off grid prefab?]

Unexpected Acquisitions For The Off Grid Prefab Homestead
It seemed each errand I ran, I ended up with something completely different.
For example, I headed to the Amish store for bread and vegetables...
Oh look! Bread and vegetables!

...and left with a new rooster and hen.
Wait. How'd that happen. I came here for bread & vegetables.

These chickens are completely free range and roost in trees at night. I'm hoping they'll propagate. They are already merging with our existing standard hens during the day while foraging; then roost in trees nearby.

I headed out to quickly feed the horses...
"Hey there! Whatchoo doin'?"

...and bought a bunch of fence posts from a friend, for fencing in the horses at Higher Ground.

Photo credit
We helped clear a friend's fence line- I enjoyed the work, camaraderie, and taking some pictures!
There was lots of cool moss, and fungi.

We spent the week busy. We all worked hard, but had plenty of fun.
I had a canning incident- my beloved canner won't seal correctly.  We can not afford to give up room in the freezer for many vegetables- and I rely on canned pasta sauce and salsa and pickles and jam... So we are working on the kinks of the coolio vintage canner... I had replaced the seal, handle, and weight. Everything looks good. Looks like I need to take her to an extension agent.

Here's something I do a little different when I make pasta sauce from fresh tomatoes for canning:
Unlike many recipes with fresh tomatoes, I go ahead and dice them with the skins, and cook up a big ole pot of sauce. Yes it is too watery. So then skim off the delicious tomato-y onion-y garlic-y broth, and freeze it (or can it) for a great base for soups and anything in which you want a flavorful rough stock!

Here is some broth, ladled out, into a coffee pot, because, where I was canning, was not the most stocked of kitchen accoutrements...

P.s. I know I've mentioned this but I really do love the Tattler non-BPA reusable lids...

Handsome Husband cleaned up his tools from around the modern prefab and even washed the north side of the prefab house down a bit and boy is there a difference! It's all shiny and pretty again!
No dirt! Or tools! Or buckets strewn about!

Finally the prefab house turns from a family home with assorted junk strewn about, back into a modern prefab home with a family!
We just have to install that one last window...

We have a black tie wedding to attend in  Charlottesville soon...
I am thinking of making it a camping weekend...! Wouldn't that be fun? Spend the weekend doing camping / fishing / hiking stuff then disappear into our vintage Scotty camper, to re-emerge all fancy and bejeweled?

Regardless if we camp or hotel it, I am really looking forward to spending a few days in Charlottesville, exploring with the children! 

Family events always fill me with trepidation... There are those in our family who do not act lovingly or kindly.  We are always careful with whom we surround ourselves... and are so fortunate to have so many great loving and kind people in our lives.

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