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Off Grid Modern Prefab Shattered... Tattered. Comfortably?

At the off grid modern prefab house, it was a trying day, already, and then there was this.

In case you're wondering, pictured here is a TOTALLY broken window smack dab on the south face of my beloved off grid modern prefab home.  Albeit tempered glass, when I heard the CRACK of the BB (facing properly away but ricocheting off a rock and back, straight into the prefab window), then the terrible slow sound of the splitting, the running of the cracks throughout the glass, expanding into every direction quickly, then quietly, but continuously, cracking and crackling for hours... I was shattered.

I held my breath, waiting for the glass to fall so we could just all just hurry up and die after that terrible day we were already enduring. It was... just... ONE OF THOSE DAYS.

A day that ended with an expensive, energy efficient window shot out of the beautiful (sob), energy efficient (sob), modern (sob) prefab home.

Look at me, I'm in tatters!
I'm a shattered.

Eyeglasses, gun safety, safety's on / off, always.

And this is why you always use safety glasses when you shoot yer BB gun, folks. That coulda been yer eye poked out. That, my friends, is an impressive ricochet!

That is also an energy efficient double paned casement window for the SIP modern prefab house- so, it's not like you just pop in some glass... much less get it replaced in a day.

Oh no, we have to order it, and they say it is due to arrive... at the end of the month.

Thank goodness it's spring. And that the energy efficient window is double paned.

The week continued similarly.
I might have even sniveled a little. And, AS ALWAYS, when things look dark and I feel alone, my friends voices call, from all over. Now, one of those voices is Sally's, and she just happens to be in a famous band, so yeah, it's funny kind of, that when I'm crying in my wine and sniveling I have YouTube to port in my second oldest friend whose voice comforts me.
So here's her voice, yo. I'm throwing it out there into the ether as much and hard as I would throw my arms about her in real life. Sometimes, you just need your friends to get you through.

Hem - Not California

BUT: Even during a trying week, I wake up, drift into consciousness, look down across the valley to the ridge far away, watching the mist rise, the lush, lush greens after all the rain, and be so GRATEFUL to be here...

And there was no greater birthday gift than fresh flowers from the field, and a flower crown made by The Pipsqueaks for my birthday... 
Please excuse my pajamas... and fyi this is a traditional German birthday table my country/city/old Virginia/German children made: cake, candle, a decorated table, with sweet gifts. : )

For my birthday, friends sent hugs and song.
One friend "gifted" me a poem by Wendell Berry, "Sowing":
                             In the stilled place that once was a road going down
                             from the town to the river, and where the lives of marriages grew
                             a house, a cistern and barn, flowers, the tilted stone of borders,
                             and the deeds of their lives ran to neglect, and honeysuckle
                             and then the fire overgrew it all.  I walk heavy
                             with seed, spreading on the cleared hill the beginnings
                             of green, clover and grass to be pasture.  Between
                             history's death upon the place and the trees that would have come
                             I claim, and act, and am mingled in the fate of the world.

When I read this, I see our breached pond, now wetlands, deep in the woods, and just a stone's throw further, the daffodils scattered, and beyond, a decaying chimney of where a hearth and home once stood.  Nice.
The weekend arrived, as did Handsome Husband, and we scurried on to errands into Appomattox. It was the Grand Opening of Tractor Supply. We had equine items to gather.At the Grand Opening, they had tents out front with 4-H Shooting and 4-H Riding... the Pipsqueaks immediately gravitated towards both. I shrugged, and went on with my shopping for sexy items like barn lime and pine pellets.

There was a "Shooting Competition" in front.
The 4-H shooting instructor started laughing as Pipsqueak 1 shot.

"You just got four bulls eyes in a row, son, who taught you how to shoot?!?"
Pipsqueak shrugged, "No one...but my mom taught me to drive a car this week...!"

A dramatization, totally not really life,

Yes. I am the mom who teaches her ten year old how to drive. In fact, he has been squiring me around the fields and long graveled drive for over two weeks now, parking, putting on blinkers... and doing a great job in case of emergency. That's what you have to do around here. After years of practice riding horses and mini-bikes, my 10 year old confidently can steer, park, stop, and start a car great. One less worry on my mind, alleviated, in case he needed to get help.

Note: Considering we enjoy so much shooting and archery, it is wonderful to know the Appomattox 4-H Shooting Club exists, and that we might participate.

Any-hoo, finishing up the row of 4-H wonderfulness in front of The Grand Opening, we were even given trees by 4-H: Serendipity: APPLES AND ASH. Fruit, and shade.

Handsome Husband got busy digging holes- TWENTY apple trees, TWENTY ash.
In fact, I call them apples an orchard. 
An orchard in the making, honeychiles.
IF Handsome Husband can not bush hogg 'em over
for the next five years, lol...

And the green ash? Will line the drive, and provide shade in the field for when we move the horses over to the off grid prefab home

We got busy digging holes.

Early evening approached, and I received an unexpected voice mail...from the 4-H Shooting Club.
Now... if we contact them, does that mean social services will be waiting? Lol

I walked out back, to where the Pipsqueaks were still busy with Handsome Husband working in the garden: "Um, Pipsqueak 1? You WON!" I paused as the stunned silence dramatically lengthened, everyone staring at me in disbelief, shovels paused, in hand.

I: "You DO know you get a $25 gift certificate to Tractor Supply... maybe you can get your horse something pretty..."  Pipsqueak 2 chimes in, "Can you PLEASE get me that little fox figurine...?"
He sets us straight: "Now don't everyone start coming to me for money, now..."

Well let's talk about money, Pipsqueak 1, starting with yer window.
The week started off with an energy efficient window shattered.

It finished with The Money Well running dry.  Our horse board was raised because our two horses go through 5-6 hay bales a month.... As much as we love the family, every one of them, love it there, it's time to get busy to bring the horses home so then we can all have fun together and not worry about business. We're a difficult family to take on...

It's very bad timing - we close on the Richmond Work House Mortgage Vs. DC Rent at the end of May; and any money we had saved to finish the interior of the off grid prefab home once electric is done, well, whenever it is done... But it's ok. Let's just say we're now busy sowing our oats, as in: getting ready for equines, asap, at the off grid home vs. finishing the inside and making it airy and  modern purty as we planned.
Right now? A mess. A mess of DC Apartment stuff coming down,
shattered window, under construction ugly, dog beds and horse hair and... UGH.

Off Grid Challenges At The Prefab House:
Our cistern is sized for a small family, not a herd o' livestock.
Solar powered well pumps are more common now, thank goodness. Our Amish neighbors use pressurized wells with propane. I would prefer solar, but need to explore both. This week I will head over to an Amish neighbor down the road to ask him for recommendations and advice. This would be also useful as back up in case our cistern ever runs dry...

Not the fault of the cistern, or rainwater collection system, or even the weather- ok, kind of the fault of the weather, because in the Terrible Deluges of a few weeks past, I guess the rain was so heavy it bent our gutter...

...and so the water did not thereafter reach the cistern adequately...
...and so after (thankfully, after) taking my shower today, suddenly, there was no water.

[So, *CONTRACTOR TIP*- if you are running a gutter on the prefab house, especially for rainwater collection, make sure it is secure, secure, securely fastened all along, to prevent any bending.]
Looks straight to me... #not

Handsome Husband: "Dag it! There was plenty of rain, I regret not buying that $400 gauge that would indicate when our cistern was low!!!!"

I: "Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrugh I have no emergency back up well yet!!!!!"
(It has not dawned on me that I will have no shower, tomorrow... indefinitely, or what the week will hold...)
Supposedly there is rain in the forecast- LET IT RAIN. 

I await her.

And so, quiet uneventful life at the Off Grid Prefab Home continues, lol... stay tuned.
At least we've found what we're looking for... Daily.

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