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Off Grid Modern Prefab Home Does The Oscars, And Archery.

Winter continues at the off grid prefab house kit
At night it's in the 20s, during the day it is brisk, but bright... We... are happy.
And we are warm, of course, thanks to the passive solar design and energy efficient insulation of the SIP (structural insulated panels) in the prefab.

I mean, it's cold outside. We're always surprised when we go outside, and realize that.
But indoors?
We let the cookstove ebb, and go out at night, we're so comfortable. Under hot down comforters, we  awake to 64ish degrees. Yet it feels warmer. (Note: my data taking is from some clock I have no idea how it really works and is about 3 1/2 feet off the ground and my ceiling fans are currently not hooked up to distribute better the heat... but you know how I love my science project documentation!)

And once I get the cook stove going again, once it gets toasty, and it does, quickly, it stays toasty.
A warm, toasty, passive solar embracin' morning.
Ahhhhh, sun.

Prefab Home Business Update
On the prefab home construction front, it has been an interesting week as there are several projects in fact-finding stages that are outside of our usual distributor network/ comfort zone... We shall see. But I have been *extremely* pleased with the quality of people and product involved, their good nature, experience...  The client would be a contractor doing her own build, which would be a great story to follow... I have a good feeling about this Florida project.. stay posted.

HOWEVER, I am now the worst sister ever.
My sister won an Oscar and I didn't even realize it until mid-week!!!!!!!!
Oscar winners Sister, and C.G.!
With a nekkid Ken doll. Gracious.
In the beginning, *sure* I was watching the Oscars, kind of, I mean it was the Oscars but, well, I was on deadlines, and watching online and not getting great streaming...
[Hellooooooooooooo, I live in Amish Country in a town Population 40...]

I remember laughing at the funny Oscar Party Pictures she was posting on Facebook (specifically with a gold sprayed nekkid Ken doll...) and then... It had been a long week... I went to bed!

Two days later I saw something on twitter and went, "Wait. Did you win an Oscar?!?"
She rolled her eyes...
I am soooooooooooooooo sorry, Sister!!!! PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

She did. Phew. *CONGRATULATIONS*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We love you....!!!!!!!

So, forgiven:  Back to the off grid prefab home.
We had a great weekend.
Nephew 3 is back. Again.

My OTHER handsome man.
Totally neglected equines. Clearly.
J: "Oooooooh. Ahhhhhhh."
She's a hoss, of coss...
I, to Nephew 3: "I do wish Nephew 1 and 2 would come..."
He shrugs, and grins: "I think they're too citified..."

Laughing, I reflected- This child texts our dear friends/neighbors, announcing his arrival and that HE IS COMING TO RIDE. They love that. Suddenly, I also remembered our Amish friend remarking warmly when he is ever gone awhile and returns, "Oh, E! You have grown!" 
GIT off those beds, dawg...!
Love cramming two bunk beds and a trundle into
the middle bedroom of the prefab home.
For now, it means we can have bunches of chillunz
to visit, and we give the parents Pipsqueak 1's bedroom.
Seriously we can fit 5 childrenz easily with lots of room in here!

Homework, on the weekend, for fun.
Handsome Husband is teaching German.
Nephew 3 is right- maybe we have helped raise a country kid, in a city kid's body.

Thank you, all our community, dear friends here, for embracing this child, and all of us.

So, yes: we picked up Nephew 3 from the city, and headed back to Higher Ground.
We cooked up a storm.
Apple pancakes...

T'ain't purty but it's a darned yummy fig pie..

Homemade pizza dough->Pizza Party!

We pushed the mid-century modern furniture aside, to make a big ole dance floor, and had a big ole Clash Dance Party. 

We even did swing dancing. To the Clash. [Who knew?]

Huddled together, later, The Cousins planned trails, hunting blinds, tree forts, zip lines, and... well, they're still planning so I'd better go in and make them go to bed. And kick out the 100 Pound Puppy that has again snuck in.

More musing on wood stoves:
From Mother Earth News, I was surprised to read this:
"Using firewood does not have any detrimental effect on the environment because the emissions discharged equal the benefits of producing oxygen during their growth period."
That, folks, is untrue. Just so you know, as much as I love my cookstove and naturally felled wood here.

Handsome Husband and I worked hard this week, and planned chickens, trees, vegetables and infrastructure projects to finish ordering and scheduling this spring.

During a quiet moment, I found this video.
Handsome Husband? You're the reason our kids are ugly.
: )

As always, right when the ice turns to mud and you smell the first thawing signs of spring and your itch to sow seed becomes almost unbearable, when you look about you thinking you no longer need to be so protective of canning, wood...
That's when the big storm hits.
Thankfully, I know that.

I gathered wood, provisions, did not sow early spring seed outdoors or start seed indoors.
Stay tuned. There's a storm a-brewin' at the off grid prefab home... 

Reading Club:
3rd Grade
We are studying more explorers, as we have all year.
She can work 1,000+ pound beasts.
  • "Momma?"
    "Yes, sweetie..."
    "Can females be explorers?"
    "Of *course,* sweetie!"
    "Then why don't I see any???"
    Oh. Wow. OKAY THEN.
    Here are some interesting female explorers from the 1600s-1800s:
    She can achieve any target
    that interests her.
    She, can do, anything!
    • In 1925, a bunch of female explorers even created their own Explorer Society!
      "In 1925 four women founded the Society of Women Explorers to fill a need for an organization which would support and encourage women in their explorations. At that time, no other "explorer" organization allowed women members. These four women, Marguerite Harrison, Blair Niles, Gertrude Shelby, and Gertrude Emersen Sen, determined that "geographer" should carry a broad meaning to include such disciplines as anthropology, geology, biology, archaeology, oceanography, ecology, and even specialized aspects of the arts. Today, the Society boasts more than 600 members, yet very few people outside the organization seem to know of its existence."
      Learn lots more, here.
      They even list a twitter feed of TODAY's female explorers!
    • Top Ten Female Adventurers: Lady Lester Stanhope (1770s-1800s), Annie Smith Peck (1850s-1930s), Gudridur (900s), Harriet Chalmers Adams (1870s-1930s), Freya Stark (1890s-1990s), Nellie Bly (1860s-1920s), Louise Boyd (1880s-1970s), Kira Salak (1971- ), Mary Kingsley (1860s-1900), Gertrude Bell (1860s-1920s). See why, here.
    • 8 Unsung Women Explorers Alrighty then. Start singing.
    • And even more, including Sacajawea, who, in the 1700s, guided Lewis & Clark.
    • Aaaaaand... even more.
    Are we all good on the females, now, y'all? Lemme know if I missed someone.
It's Not Just Food Gardens We Raise...We've Worked Hard To Raise Healthy Children.
During our latest visit to Richmond, we explained to Family why we don't do holidays, ever, again. I can't believe my mom even asks. Sister gets it... and agrees... Why let messed up people damage our children just because "they're family?"

I don't want to bore prefab enthusiasts about The Family. But, like Nicodemus, they just don't get it.  I mention it because after the hell they have put us through, when we visit Richmond they ask dumb questions in front of our children as, "Why don't you want to spend time with us for XYZ Upcoming Holiday?"  WE have raised healthy happy children.
Take responsibility for your own actions.
Our messed up family is not our problem.
Our children however, deserve better.

When we have so many happy healthy people who love us, why be around decay? You will always find us with dear friends, the people who love us, who would never knock our children off balance.
Why be around people who do.

(Deep thanks to my dear Uncle Fred for this... who is good folk. : ))
Rant over. Back to happy healthy living.
Broomstraw as a tail...
They wore him out.
Tiny, the 100 Pound Puppy.
A quiet corner in which to read in the sunbeams...
How I get to the car in this mud.
Galoshes, galoshes, galoshes.
I can *almost* sow seed,
just need another week-ish...
Healthy happy living is green living.
Embrace the kind and quirky, like Bob Ross.

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