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Prefab Home's Energy Efficent SIP Gets Snug Through Wind, Snow... And A Deer Leg.

What wild weather we had at the off grid passive solar prefab house this week.
Wind was so strong you could watch chickens tumble 'cross the field.

At one point I wondered if that wind would will peel back the galvalume cladding on the prefab like a tin can on tuna, honeychiles.
It might have been gusting 40+ and raining outside, but in the off grid prefab home, thanks to the strong energy efficient SIP, it was cozy, and the indoor air was still.

It reminded me when I posted these videos awhile back, with weather:

Prefab Green Home - Off Grid Before, During, After The Hurricane!

Inside The Prefab House It Is Still; Outdoors? Hurricane Irene!

With the high wind screaming, battering everything it touched... The children worried... I let them hop into bed. I don't blame them. I kept a careful ear out for anything that might creak and need to be checked on in the morning... and thought about how practical a root cellar / storm shelter will be.

Finally, we start to see the beginning of the end: FINISHING the initial project of the off grid passive solar prefab home, so we can begin in the interior, in earnest.
Of course we will be finishing and changing the off grid prefab home over a lifetime.
But Handsome Husband has finished HIS part in installing light boxes and final items on the checklist towards closing up the walls.

As soon as the last trip has ended with our electrician, we can begin closing up the walls, painting, hanging wall paper, grass will finally be growing soon so it won't be such a mud pit about the prefab home... Interior design begins.  Soon.

Glamorous Life In The Modern Prefab Home - Modern Design Friends!
I wanted to put out into the ether my talented friend Katja Ollendorff's new site:
Textile and pattern design, via Katja Ollendorff.

Katja was raised in the United States, barely, and heavily influenced by her time growing up in Germany, Finland, and France, which you recognize in her work, before embracing and still residing in San Francisco as an adult.

I would *LOVE* to see some of her patterns in my own modern prefab home, whether as wall paper or duvet covers... I particularly like the one she calls "reed" (bottom right, above)...
Today: Glamorous Life In The Modern Passive Solar Prefab Home... Maybe Not So Much, For Now.
My dog.
Just RAN.
Through The Off Grid Prefab.
And NO I DID NOT TAKE PICTURES. Ew. I assure you that leg, with the hoof sticking out the side of his smiling mouth, as he charged through the front door with his prize, as I frantically (and: well done, girl!) opened up the back door for him to continue running through... but he galloped into and followed the path of the house, burning my memory and olfactory nerves.

I remind you all: DEER SEASON ENDED LAST WEEK. So it's a week+ old uh, ew.
I ran to close all the children's bedroom doors so he couldn't jump into their beds. While doing so, he jumped into mine.

I can't wait until grass grows over the dug up septic area / home site. 
I can't wait for walls to be finished, much less painted.
I can't wait for... oh, I don't know. 
But somehow I know... that every now and then, despite my A+ Planning, I will *always* have a deer leg sticking out of the mouth of a marauding, joyful dog running rampant through my house.
And I'm ok with that.

So, I've been thinking. My childhood sistah Sally is always on my mind when I muse...
I think of the past year, and am so glad we're here, not there.
Things might be different and "difficult," as I mentioned last week; but we're so happy.
Just like that, she soothingly sings again, so apt... and I share with you more of Sistah Sally's Singing.

Cooking On A Cook Stove
It was all over the place this week.
Things started well with pheasant...
Curried Butternut Squash Soup
Pheasant + Wild Rice w/Mushroom & Parmesan,
Green Beans w/Tomatoes in Basil Butter

Then I had one of those days where I thought sautéing bok choy, carrots & onions + pasta + elderberry jam + Amish hot pepper relish was a GREAT idea. It was FRIGHTENING looking, but delicious.

Then? My children made me breakfast in bed.
However, it did not get them out of their Latin test. [On which they did well. #HomeSchool]

To End The Week? Serendipity Smiled: After weeks of icy muck and ick, we finally rode again.  We even had a Cousin Visit! 

And as we finished loving on the horses, working, feeding, and barn chores... the children played about the field... and began running and jumping the course, sans equines.

...Then suddenly: It began to snow again. Flakes sparkled down, everywhere, over all of us in the field. Beautiful.

Reading Club:
Skypeing our German lessons with Handsome Husband is PAINFUL. I actually think it's the DC internet connection vs. here at the prefab. Or wait: maybe it's the language.This just shows how I was SUPPOSED to be destined to marry a Frenchman, lautes lachen!
(Wait. I don't think Germans LOL, *LOL!* )
I supplement German lessons by allowing German TV shows on Thursday, via

Latin is going great. really is straightforward and I enjoy how it reinforces our English language fundamentals as we diagram the sentences.
4th Grade:
3rd Grade
  • Before progressing with division, we "stall" to focus on really, really memorizing the times tables. We start the day doing the 3-8 times tables, twice, now introducing 9 this week. She totally gets the concept of division, which we should be studying right now, but why start on quotients with remainders if it takes her long whiles to count slowly how many times 9 goes into 28? No, she needs to *know* 9 x 3 = 27, with 1 as the remainder. I am confident we will make up our curriculum percentage (we have currently covered 51% of 3rd grade math) with a deeper, faster understanding by taking the time to focus on this, better.

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