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Passive Solar Prefab Home - Off Grid Living Enjoys The Snow

I thought it was funny that on the coldest day so far this year, I was hot. HOT HOT HOT. Everyone kept talking about how cold they were- I was opening windows in the passive solar off grid prefab house! I needed to get out to the fields & enjoy the air!

[And, by the way, that's just with the passive solar / thermal gain + one log at a time in the old cook stove. I WAS SWELTERING! We haven't even turned on the radiant heat in the slab yet!]

I was pleased to see how comfortable we are in the off grid prefab home that is the *standard* SIP package, not with thicker walls (which you can also order) in consistent, low temperatures.

We headed over to the W's to get out in the air.
Five minutes later we were all, "OH MY GOSH IT IS COLD OUTSIDE!!!!!"
It wasn't cold. It was FRIGID. Bone chilling. Finger freezing.

Here's how M. braved the day in the fields and barn:

That's pretty dire for a purty girl like she...
Even the baby was all bundled up:

And Friday? It Snowed At The Passive Solar Prefab Home!
We were in a snow globe!

I always dreamed about the day I could be cozy during snowfall in the passive solar prefab, snug as a bug in a rug for days.
That day was here.

"THE POND IS FROOOOZEN!!!!!!!!" exclaimed pink cheeked children. 
I calmly walked over to the closet to retrieve my fly rod and leaned it against the front door. 
The one-day-natural-pool pond froze! And is FULL!
I pulled out the vintage snowflake dishes I only use when it snows, and started cooking up a storm. And THAT'S how I warm up frozen childrenz 'round here.

Ruminating On Ruin At The Passive Solar Prefab
Now I'm always looking at and thinking about food. But have y'all started noticing peeled onions in the grocer's aisles? In my mind, this says something about civilization: WE'RE DOOMED WHEN SOCIETY CAN'T EVEN PEEL A FRICKIN' ONION!!!

What's next, instant mashed potatoes?!?! Downfall o' society, I say!

Friends chimed in:
CH: "Seriously! When you're too lazy to peel an onion, what's next? Hard boiled eggs in a bag at the grocery store? Oh yeah, they have those too."

DC: "The worst, IMO is the pre-packaged cereal and milk. If you are so busy you do not have time to pour cereal into a bowl and add milk then you really need to step back and assess the way you are living your life."

I: "We are doomed. Wall E is our destiny!"

JB: "The beginning of the end was the 'uncrustable.' Really? Frozen peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? Just thaw and eat? That's when I gave up."

PF: "...and peeled bananas wrapped in plastic wrap on styrofoam ...faceslap"

"Actually, peeled onions are a result of a little known market for onion skins. The markets are capitalizing on the average consumer's perceived thought of modernity and making a killing in the skin care industry. In fact, The Farmers Almanac concurs:
What's next? Personal Chewers?"

It made me think about how much more "difficult" our life at the off grid passive solar prefab home is now, off grid, with childrenz, chickens, horses and dogs...

And how steadily easy it is throughout the day, just more intentional...
And how much we love it.
Wet snow clothes drying on a rack in front
of the antique cook stove...

Snow? Sleet? Frozen tundra?
Awwww, relax. Grab a hot toddy and a good book
and cozy up for days.

I gather wood (already felled trees, by the way) from the wood pile and feed them, one log at a time to minimize energy waste, throughout the day. We feed and water the animals. We school.

Going through the winter, I wanted to consider, "Can I live off grid and this life when I'm eighty? Or is this not a sustainable lifestyle throughout all life stages?" I now know it IS. It sounds "hard" to lug wood when you are eighty- but if you ask any Foxfire elder, and I can attest, you just take your time, enjoy the easy exercise, carting smaller loads awhile, until there is a nice pile to get you through approaching weather as needed.

You just do small things throughout the day, that then easily accomplish feats others consider "hard" - muck stalls, move wood, get some fresh air, open pens... I enjoy these moments, even when it's freezing. And sleeting. Seriously. Because even in bad weather, it's my moment outdoors.

Who needs a gym?
We have off grid living to put color in our cheeks.

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