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Passive Solar Prefab Shows Off Reuse, Then Heads Out For Rural Culture

What a beautiful autumn weekend in Virginia!!!!
The trees are *gorgeous* - all bright reds and yellows... 

At our off grid passive solar prefab home, we stayed busy.

This week I am celebrating reuse! [Again.]

Handsome Husband has been especially crafty, reusing wood scraps to make rudimentary shelving, and then he took two stainless steel sink counters we bought years ago and repurposed them as:

1. The traditional farmhouse kitchen work area I always secretly dreamed of in my modern house, and
Awesome farmhouse shelving, all reused.
Note stainless counter on which rests
the mortar & pestle.
Traditional farmhouse
hidden in a modern prefab home.

2. even more ingeniously, A FRONT ENTRANCE AWNING!
No, seriously!
That cool, sleek, modern entryway to the passive solar prefab home that now keeps downpours off of me while I sloooowly dig through my purse to find my always-elusive keys? 

We've reused about everything around here, even the kitchen sink. Literally. Check it out: sink counter, and some scrap chain found in the shed, sealed with silicone = modern cool entryway with function.
Ok this is not a kitchen SINK,
but a kitchen COUNTER
reused as a modern awning.

Even the My Dream Of A Farmhouse Work Area shelves were repurposed from pantry shelves removed from our old city house. There's room for everything. The stainless steel work area (one of two reused counters we got at Habitat For Humanity's Restore) is perfect. I'm SO grateful to have the shelves, to finally organize my spices and pans and pots, to have a sturdy work area close to the cook stove.

More shelves:

Passive Solar Dogtrot Mod Prefab Cabin Home In New Mexico Update: She. Is. Blogging!!!! Follow her updates here!

City friends keep asking me if I'm lonely, living in Population 199 and whatnot.

Honeychiles, Country Is Never Quiet, Or Lonely.
People always think being in the country is quiet. Instead, it is full of sound, and busy. Crickets criking, cicadas whirring, coyotes howling, dogs barking, cows mooing, bucks grunting, and you're trying to tell me that I am living the Quiet Life?!? ; ) [Don't get me started on my beloved whippoorwill!]

But this morning, unawares: Crazy! The acoustics of this property- with the house high on the hill, the valley below, the ridge, in the distance, beyond: I just walked outside to throw my coffee grounds on the garden and heard a "Clop clop clop clop clop clop clop..." As loud as if it were next to me, I could hear the lively clop clop clop of the hooves of an Amish buggy going down Rolling Hill Road (the road on the ridge waaaay far away)!

You Say Living In The Country Is Quiet?!? Shoot, let's just run through the weekend:
There was the Blessing Of The Hounds. 

[Otherwise known as, "Oops, Kim got peed on, again..."
Kim: "Heck, robes are just robes, I would be disappointed if the hounds didn't want to be near me." : ) ]

There was Autumnfest.

There was bluegrass, butter churning, and apple pie judging at Uncle Glover's Big Time Jamboree.

So the story of Uncle Glover's Store is that this cool girl Scott, who is a chef, is restoring and revitalizing her great uncle's old country store in Concord. The restoration and revitalization is all about great food, wine, people, and live music. With a dash of punk and PBR thrown into the bluegrass every now and then. 

We became fast friends.

'Round here, it's not a party 'till someone shows up with pet goats. So they did. I'd say cue the bluegrass but they're already playing!

Evenings ended with the grande finale: The Meteor Shower. Pinch yourself more awake, walk outside again, and see the meteors around 11ish. Enjoy the crisp night air, grab a blanket, and look upward.
Well, it's been so busy here in the country, I might have to head into the city for a little quiet!

Speaking of the city, this weekend Chicago sustainable urban ag headed to New York:
Honeychile, Sister's old roommate certainly turned Maaaar-tha's head: Yes, Erika. And Martha Stewart. Awesome. Congratulations ERIKA!!!
"In 2002, building upon her father's work at Growing Power, a nonprofit he founded in Milwaukee to provide low-income communities access to healthy food, Allen opened a branch in Chicago. Today, she runs eight farm sites around the city and works as the national projects director. Allen and her team teach adults and at-risk youth how to grow food and create a sustainable food economy, selling the fruits of their labor at farmers' markets around the city while composting refuse and providing resources and job training. Allen is sowing the seeds of a new life for thousands. "
This is a picture of Erika in
Grand Central Station, NYC,
that Erika took, herself, of herself.
I love that!

This is an exuberant post, befitting an exuberant Virginia weekend. 
I hope your week was as nice.

Reading Club:

P.s. Ran across this nice rendition of the Jackson 5's
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww Baby Gimme One Moah Chance...

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