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Tidying Up The Passive Solar Prefab Home

Tidying Up The Passive Solar Prefab Home

Poor Handsome Husband. He met with the septic people on the land, and THEN drove to the bay.

But we need to move to the prefab house, and this is necessary so we can keep moving forward in finishing construction, finally. While he is there, he is kindly tidying up, so that when we arrive, it won't be such a jumble.

In light of the fact that we have been unexpectedly away from our prefab home all summer (Pipsqueak 2: "It feels like we have been gone forever, but in a blink- are you sure this isn't Narnia?"), I asked him to take some videos of the off grid passive solar prefab home, as a review of our off grid systems for those that might be interested, and also so we can see how much he is cleaning up in the wake of skinning the SIP (structural insulated panels) with plywood on the inside of the prefab house.

So here's an overview of our still-under-construction passive solar prefab home (please excuse the boxes and mess, we will be doing a lot of work on the inside this fall!):

And some off grid solar systems and rainwater system videos:

A Labor Day Laboring Lemonade Stand

The Pipsqueaks labored over the holiday. They woke me up at SIX THIRTY on a Saturday, and worked hard through lunch. They offered: homemade cookies and lemonade, eggs,  figs... all in time for the sailors arriving for the Labor Day Regatta Weekend.
Who am I to stand in the path of entrepreneurship?

When they ran out of backyard eggs, Pipsqueak 1 implored,
"Run and get some of Grandma's eggs from the fridge!"
I sniffed: "I'm sorry. But this is a producer-only market. This lemonade stand is not a reseller."
They had such a great time they wanted to do it again... Thanks to my friend Carrie (THANKS, Carrie...), they were informed that tomorrow's regatta race starts much sooner and so if they want to have a lemonade stand they'd better be there by 7!
So they woke me up at FIVE a.m. (Thanks, Carrie...!)
I am CURSING this regatta's early start...

With fall approaching, I am starting to get excited about upcoming holidays in the prefab!
We haven't been excited about holidays in awhile, but this marks a new era. I can not imagine anything nicer than inviting friends over, cooking a feast on that antique cook stove, and spending the day, thankful for everything, with good friends... I imagine going inside and out, between the crisp November air, sitting outside on picnic benches, and indoors, so warm and cozy in the passive solar prefab home.

Thanksgiving will be so special at Higher Ground... and we are truly thankful to be there, to be surrounded with love, our friends.

Mention of barn stars was made on Facebook. Here's a history- note the German/ Pennsylvania Dutch and Richmond influences. Our own are atypical- not filled out in the middle, but made with love from wood reused from an old tobacco barn from Charlotte County.

Reading Club:
  • Our Hunger Games.
    "...We are repeatedly told that we will starve without chemical fertilisers. However, chemical fertilisers, which are essentially poison, undermine food security by destroying the fertility of soil by killing the biodiversity of soil organisms, friendly insects that control pests and pollinators like bees and butterflies necessary for plant reproduction and food production."
  • Doing The Math Behind Homeschooling
    And yes, it is challenging running four businesses and homeschooling. But for now, I like it.
  • Save USA's second oldest roadway: Historic, scenic Route 5. #VA #RVA #tourism #HorribleZoningDecisions #WHYrva
3rd Grade
4th Grade
In the meantime we are off to shoot the potato gun science project, sail the high seas, and ready ourselves to return to the passive solar prefab home!

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