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Prefab Small Footprint Living: Top O' De World

Despite our recent thievery devastation, we are on De Top Of De World. ...Because it's so beautiful here.
Because the police are on it, so we don't have to constantly think about it.
Because they have the police on them, and more and more of their associates are being implicated, while we're surrounded with loving people... who make us laugh, through our pain.

Yet... as much as you want to fix  the people that brought this pain upon your family,
those are their tools to wrap their hands around, IF they ever choose to do so, to fix themselves.

So let's talk instead about our next prefab house, this one, one of our modern prefab cabins from Green Cabin Kits!
Tuesday I will teleconference with the client and her contractor to discuss rough deadlines and the specific home site where the prefab home will be erected. From there, the architect of the Dogtrot Mod modern prefab home gets pulled in, then the distributor, to further schedule and, if necessary, make adjustments.
I will have more updates next week!

Meanwhile, we stayed busy this weekend.
First, we watched sorghum molasses being made!

The cool overcast day was actually perfect for whiling away a few hours paddling molasses, eating delicious stew, and making new friends on a beautiful farm, with the dramatic backdrop of the Blue Ridge mountains in the distance!

Then, we spent the rest of the afternoon picking up acorns at Madisonville Presbyterian for a conservation project- Virginia extension agents are requesting acorns from several native species, and there's a big ole chestnut oak right in front of the church, so after Molasses Makin' we went Acorn Pickin'!

When I say everyone helped gather acorns... EVERYONE helped.

Pipsqueak 1: "Geez. I thought we were going to work and work and work but that was a lot of FUN!"

Pipsqueak 1 is also preparing for his upcoming birthday.
He has decided to make his own party favors: clothespin guns.

Did I mention I love Mr. Naussbaum?
There, I said it.  I LOVE MR. NAUSSBAUM!
3rd Grade:
Great review / study links, here, for all subjects.
Social Studies:
4th Grade:
He *loves*
Science: Ok this is spy gadget stuff but Pipsqueak 1 loves the experiments and if it helps foster a love of tech and science, great! Here's one spy manuever he wants to build as a science project to add to our arsenal of intruder-proofing we are now implementing:

Moving allows you to rediscover forgotten, now enchanting things.
My children are LOVING the refound (and thankfully not destroyed in their toddler phase in which it was given) Robert Sabuda's Winter's Tale. A pop up book that now makes them "Ahhhh" and "Ooooo"- "How DID he DO that?!?" Now, at their older age, they are carefully opening and closing the book and appreciating its craftsmanship.

Feelin' hen pecked in the disarray!

I am ready to get over this move. Enough unpacking just on the weekends! Enough re-arranging furniture! Enough undone everything, still! Argh!
Ahhhh, the boxes, THE BOXES!
Oh, who am I kidding. This is going to take forever, isn't it.
Well, I resign myself, but warmly: for the rest of the year I will not apologize for the mess or stress over the dusting as I work on interior organization.
When you run four businesses and homeschool, unpacking from a move has to take a back seat. Let's just hope that back seat is stylish, like in an old fashioned, old time-y hot rod.

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