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Passive Solar Prefab SIP Home Visited By Handsome Husband, As Summer Wanes

Our Energy Efficient Passive Solar Prefab Home,
Continuing Work Covering The Interior Of The
SIP (Structural Insulated Panels).

Handsome Husband Paid A Visit To The Passive Solar Off Grid Prefab Home 

The guys are finally covering the interior structural insulated panels (SIP).
See the green? That's the SIP, still exposed on the
roof panel. Walls have now been covered with plywood.
And, like everyone, the guys are also taking time off for vacation. This last month of summertime beckons us all to wander from the heat.
After His Visit To The Land, Handsome Husband Returned To Us At The In-Town Ramshackle, Where We Wait Out The Finishing Construction On The Passive Solar Prefab Home

I explained to someone today:
"Well, near the end of June I packed up to volunteer for my children's sailing camp- thought I'd arrive a few days early to settle in, stay a few days later so I wouldn't have to deal with weekend beach traffic... packed a few old shorts and bathing suits to wear in the water as I volunteered... Yep, that was June 18th-ish, and I've been here ever since!"

Permaculture Notes:
Old heritage grape vine on the left,
coop on the right,
and chickens in the middle.

Of Flocks And Vines
It made sense to locate the chickens around the large old crepe myrtles and fig bushes.

In years past I had observed how chickens protected our fruit trees in our urban back yard from trespassing squirrels; and the fruit trees and shrubs, in turn, provide protection, shade, and treats for the hens.

Next to the chicken area, on the other side of the fence, is an old, old grape vine. The grape vine thrives- in the open lot, it receives plenty of Deltaville breeze and sun, while, again, the hens run off birds or squirrels- so I am happily picking plenty of grapes from one or two vines, enough for jam, for eating, and to share with any wildlife brave enough to approach the hen gauntlet!

No spraying or nets necessary.
Pretty cool, huh?

Note: The heady smell of a large bowl freshly picked Concord grapes is... its own perfume, and no artificial grape additive can ever replicate its delicious potency.
YES that is I, pickin' grapes in mah nightgown.

Reading Club:
For all those enmeshed in preservation and revitalization efforts, I dedicate this song to you, in that you all get a visit from (investor) angels.

Tomorrow begins the First Day Of Official Homeschooling. 
All summer long I have had the children do a little math, reading, and writing for 1-2 hours each day, with science and history and German thrown in.
But tomorrow? Tomorrow begins following the Official SOL Curriculum plus everything else. I'm nervous.
I have carefully bookmarked 50+ sites and resources...
Ready or not, here we go.

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