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Pirates Return To The In-Town Ramshackle

Returned to Deltaville, we again become Pirates.

In the In-Town Ramshackle as the off grid prefab home enters another phase of finishing, I am living in a bachelor's house.

It sounds very unseemly: Handsome Husband away in D.C....
While I chase six chickens three dogs two Pipsqueaks and a feral cat and... and now have two Handsome Bachelors in residence as they work on The In-Town Ramshackle... I am loving every second of it.

I have not laughed this hard in awhile: Poor Handsome Bachelors, now living MY life, trying to get stuff done on the In-Town Ramshackle in the midst of MY chaos... children and dogs and chickens, everywhere! While they are trying to work!

From Dustin carrying the kids upstairs in his socks because the stain hadn't dried yet on the stairs, to Tony trying to paint floors to then have eager dogs tread across it, curious as to what he's doing...

Many moments of laughter: Tony physically picking me up and trying to get me to do chin ups in my dining room rafters... ("Nooooooo!") They organized daily relay races for the Pipsqueaks to tire them out, yet, as they clear out brush and discover neat things, also leave special rocks and shells for the children to find... I feel truly blessed.

The situation sounds outrageous, but the house is full of laughter and love and I will always treasure this time together.

And when the children spend the night out at their cousins????? IT GETS WILD.
On Tuesday? We watched Marie Antoinette.

And last night? Mansfield Park.

Full of bohemia, we are.

Actually, we did do something wild after our dose of Jane Austin last night:
The evening ended after they literally kidnapped me, protesting, stuffed me into a car, and unwillingly transported me to Stingray Point, where Captain John Smith was stung, then ate, the offending sting ray - we lay back on the sand, listening to the waves lapping, watching shooting stars, and talked history...

Reading Club:
Speaking of history, I am in the midst of reading "Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong." Read it.
Lies My Teacher Told Me
by James W. Loewen
Just in time, as I read the chapters on "settlement" and "colonization" of America, we headed over to Deltaville Maritime Museum where...
Pirates took mah Pipsqueaks.

I *thought* I would have Tony's post on the renovation of the INefficient old In-Town Ramshackle ready for y'all this week but... we're still unpacking, and pirating. Stay tuned.

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