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Passive Solar Prefab House Electric Resumes, In-Town Farm House Visit: Freedom, Confirmed.

It's official. The contract is final, our Richmond mid-century modern house is sold May 9th, finally we move to the passive solar prefab house, yet visit-ish-living-in DC, with an old Deltaville farm house on the other side of Vee-Ay.

On May 10th we are mortgage free and no longer penalized by outdated zoning, with a beloved off grid passive solar energy efficient home-turning-into-our-farm in our beloved community, Pamplin CIT-TAY, and a ramshackle beloved but NON energy efficient 1800s farmhouse in Deltaville to continue the generations-old summer tradition of fishing, crabbing, both places we have dear, dear friends, GREAT community, and are eagerly planting food.

I am so thrilled to no longer have the shackles of outdated out-of-touch suburban mindsets nor financial debt for my family. Now we can enjoy our jobs (which we love) yet never fear their loss.
With chickunz, of course... ; )

See, there really IS something to be said for driving beat up cars, loving thrift, and approaching finance with an Amish mindset... we have never been more happy.
Oh, great. I just totally doomed myself to have a lethal heart attack today now, didn't I.

Thanks to Spring Break I was able to enjoy a mid-week visit to the passive solar prefab house, with children and nephew in tow.

I know. It doesn't make any sense.
But I see this as important.
Seasonal living, incorporating permaculture.
And don't forget we're third generation of caring
about things, here.
Sometimes you can't let things go, and if
serendipity smiles, you go with it.

But the weekend (and next) are spent hurriedly hauling furniture from the mid-century house to the 1800s Farm House. If you think this is confusing for you, consider how exhausting it is for me. 
But once everything is set up, it will be set up for a lifetime. 
Let The Move Begin. 

Johnny Appleseed, and My Gardening Nonchalance
I explained to visiting friends my nonchalant gardening. "I have traditional areas, yes, but always, I sow seed. Any seed left over, anything I pick off the rye or mustard greens or whatever, I deliberately resow in new areas, brushing soil over, as I walk... It is heartening to see, even without An Official Food Plot Garden on the land yet, that I can see parsnips and creases and lots of edible things establishing themselves, from when I just sowed extra stuff, walking... even without an Established Bed, I can eat."
Johnny Appleseed I T'Ain't.
But I *DO* know to plant

It made me think about Johnny Appleseed... when was the last time we heard about he? Why DID our nation celebrate him so? Why did he go down in folklore and formal history? Have we forgotten, in our Costco-ization, the importance of sowing/ establishing food, just to sow

Do we remember the days when food - fruit trees - added value to land? Even in urban back yards?
"Johnny Appleseed (September 26, 1774 – March 18, 1845), born John Chapman, was an American pioneer nurseryman who introduced apple trees to large parts of Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. He became an American legend while still alive, largely because of his kind and generous ways, his great leadership in conservation, and the symbolic importance he attributed to apples."
The first thing I did on Day One Of The In-Town Farm House after unloading was plant.
I can't even find a shovel. If I have to dig this place out with my fingernails, I will. IT'S APRIL 14th, PEOPLE! End of season, beginning of the next, and I've got... YARD! 

We spent the day planting the basics- more (late) potatoes, onions, tomatoes, cukes, herbs...
Well, maybe not EVERYONE worked so hard...

The next morning, I decided to take a hike to the coffee shop.  I had patronized it occasionally over the years, but always from my parent's cottage on Fishing Bay Road.  Now, in-town, I knew in which direction it was, and, happy for the walk, began my journey, and meandered the gravel road to Main Street.

Once on Main Street, the coffee shop is...two... houses... down.
Handsome Husband: "This could be any amazing town in Europe."

So, while Pamplin, and our passive solar off grid house is HOME, here, we feel visitors' vacation energy / vibes while appreciating three generations of friendships here, near the water, investing in this community instead of just passing through like we would on any other vacation.

Book club: 
The Non-Joie Of Parenting
Current sports include building a rickety ramp,
then waiting on your bike at the top
of the hill for your dogs to stop rolling
in front of the ramp.

As we have spent our parenting years busy on the land, we too have seen the difference between our disorganized chaotic yet fun and educational lifestyle vs. friends who shuttle-pta-talent-night-do-the-overscheduled-hustle through their lives. 
I'll take the wine play dates with no Saturday soccer games, please.

If my child WANTS to do a sport for a semester, I'd try it, but they'd have to realize it takes away from our weekends, which impacts the entire family. On the weekends we're BUSY! Exploring history, playing, having dinner with friends... looking back on my blog I see how much of that we never would have done (all of it!) if we were obligated to a sport that played on the weekends. I could get a team that played games on a Thursday... but teams don't do that, do they. The weekend? That time is for us.

Regarding school, the article is DEAD ON regarding the approach in the United States...

Oh, and then...
This happened...

Cities: Stop Criminalizing Sustainable Families With Your OUTDATED ZONING.

And then! A Game of Chicken: Will Richmond *Finally* Allow Backyard Hens?

Passing around their back yard hens,
with laughter.
Chickens are seriously silly.
And then?!?
Conservative Radio picked it up

Their Question Of The Day:

Yes. My home, my castle!

53.55 %
If the neighbors are OK with it, why not?

19.13 %
Only if you have a large property.

No. If you want chickens, move out to the country!

19.13 %

Now I'm not great at math, so I'm not going to tally the In Favor votes. So... only 19%ish is against it?!? On super conservative WRVA??? Well. If *I* were a politician, I'd jump on that platform!!!!
(pause pause pause pause pause)
Well, we... shall... see.

Johnny Appleseed, Soured By Zoning:
How To Make Vinegar Out Of Leftover (Leftover?)
Yes, Leftover Wine.

When you start to feel sour over unproductive outdated ignorant zoning... 
make some yummy vinegar.

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