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Modern Prefab Home : Passive Solar With Puppy Included

Modern Prefab Home, Puppy Included.

The way This Puppy has worn me out, I'm considering offering, for a limited time, a prefab modern house special:
Modern Prefab Home : Passive Solar House With Free Puppy, Included!   

"You're gonna what?!?"

Any takers? Because this puppy is NAUGHTY. ; )
Ok fine.  Sorry, people: this puppy is a keeper.

WELL. All I can say about the weekend is that if the architect of our other modern line of  passive solar prefab homes- Damon Pearson, LEED ap of our Green Cabin Kits and his lovely wife, G., are coming to visit, then THIS might be the weekend to build my coolio modern chicken pen!

OR... not.
Architect, Pipsqueak's Toy Horses

Architect, shooting.

We lounged in the passive solar modern prefab. The Pearsons enjoyed seeing how the passive solar off grid house worked, Handsome Husband reviewed the systems, and went over where we are in in the project, and our final, next steps.  Instead of chores, we spent the entire weekend relaxing- Pipsqueak 2 learned to knit, we strolled a bit through Farmville (the REAL Farmville, folks...)... and, back at the prefab home, lounged on picnic tables gazing at the stars.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Learning to knot... er, KNIT...
We LOVED j fergeson gallery in Farmville!
High Bridge Trail...

Now, after alllllllll this fun, it's time to get back on this off grid prefab house project!

Next week we meet with Pat Root of Root Electric to get back on his schedule for completion of the off grid radiant heat and solar hot water.  Then I have to track down a certain Amish gentleman to finish the interior of the SIP.

Me, to Mrs. E, an Amish friend who recommends him: "And how do I reach him? He doesn't even know I'm looking for him."
She: "Well, you just go down this road, then over there, across some fields, and if your car gets stuck just keep walking..."

I'll keep y'all posted on The Huntin' Down Of Amish Carpenters... Wish me luck...

It was another strange weather week, where we began with snow and ended with sun.

"WE'RE IN A SNOW GLOBE!!!!!!!!!!!!"
-7yr old, looking out from the expansive glass of the mid-century house.

Yet now, days later, the fruit trees are blooming, the roses are budding, and it's time to get ready for next season's food garden! 
I've got the seeds...

Seed drill leanin' against the prefab,
all ready to work... but where to garden.

Not in Richmond... that's... for... sure.

Thoughts on Environmentally Friendly Households
Listening to tv this week I pondered how different our household really still is from so many average family homes.

Commercial: "Are YOUR kids using HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS to get HIGH?!?"
I, jokingly: "Honey! Quick! HIDE THE VINEGAR & BAKING SODA!!!!"

Vinegar & baking soda are not the only cleaning products we need to green... I don't know if it is ever possible to *completely* make a safe anti-freeze, which we will need in our solar radiant heat tubing, but here's a try:

Contractor Tip
Thinking of the radiant heat loop completion, I researched Better-For-The-Environment antifreeze: (Ok, this is the good, better, best approach, not the holy grail of a-baby-can-lick-this-anti-freeze-off-the-floor-and-be-better-for-it, folks...)
So, yes: Things start to resume in the pay-as-you-go-Slowest-Fast-Prefab-Construction ever. The house kit itself was up and weather tight in a week. But now, seasons later of frugally saving-then-spending-for-the-next-construction-step, it's time to finish this home so we can truly relax... and start living.

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