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Strong SIP Prefab House Stoutly Stands Against The Gale, And Parties On.

The wind is whistlin'! The gusts are gustin'!  It is high wind and brisk temperatures but I am in the cozy, energy efficient, passive solar prefab house! Ahhhhhh.

Right now you can hear the wind tearing through the trees, angrily beating on the roof. But that roof, and this prefab house, made with strong structural insulated panels (SIP), stoutly stands against the gale, and yawns.

Angered, the wind howls with indignation... The prefab absentmindedly shrugs, elegantly bored.
Secure within, I sit relaxing, the still air inside heated with a cozy cook stove, emanating warmth, while the trees wave wildly and the field flattens with each gust outside.

What weather. This week it snowed...

...climbed to 80...

...then plunged into violent wet, cold wind. Everything is shuddering and shaking, except the steady prefab. I had brought some early seeds to sow- collards, lettuce, mache, and rhubarb- but it is not a good day to broadcast seed.

Earlier this week, I loved watching, at the mid-century house, the night snowfall illuminated, listening to classical music and then... the cheep cheep cheep of happy chick escapades at my feet.
And when it warmed up?
They discovered the joys of the chicken tractor!

The weekend *finally* brought, now that I'm *finally* feeling better, a trip home to the passive solar prefab house, and, with it:
The Madisonville Farm Auction!!!!

This annual auction, held in a field just a mile away, brings the community together to huddle and consign farm equipment, housewares, odds & ends... even, occasionally, livestock...

You get to say hi to your friends, catch up, and shop for Possibly Practical Stuff at the same time!
All the neighbor's different cultures and possessions, are, for one day, annually intermingled- you've got camouflage & John Deer caps mixed with Amish grey & black, mixed with the hot pink overalls worn by Mrs. W, ha!

Nowhere else will you see a little Amish child racing around blam blam blam!ing with a bright orange Nerf gun! Somewhere, out there, an Amish mother is scolding.

The weirdest item of the day? A GHOST CATCHER. Fer REAL!

Handsome Husband perused the farm implements, but nothing beckoned.
I spied some bee hive equipment, but it was already sold.
It was Pipsqueak #1 that went in on the high bidding.

"Hey, Mr. B, whatcha got there?" "This is a great tool set I just bid on and won." "Cool, Mr. B! Hey- speaking of tools- I'm gonna build a tree house this summer!" "Well then you'll probably need tools like this. Why don't you bid on them against me."

So Pipsqueak #1 began to bid heatedly on Ron B.'s just-won tool set- apparently as he bid up, Ron bid down, and Pipsqueak #1 is now the proud owner of RON's tool set. Which he has just carefully finished cleaning and has all laid out on the dining table so he can study every piece. : )

We are so grateful for our friends here. Practical, intelligent, funny, loving neighbors who are family, now.

No matter how much you research to buy the perfect piece of land, you can never buy great community. Boy did we luck out on that...

And then, my native town, which I do love, but know needs to catch up with... everyone else... naively puts forth this:

Sadly it can't be Richmond, y'all! - Because all the other "hipster" cities, unlike Richmond, allow urban hens in small lots. Seriously, google it- urban hens are a yes in Brooklyn, Portland, Austin, Silver Lake, Asheville, Burlington, recently now in Ferndale / Detroit, Pittsburg/Carlsbad, and Baltimore.
Kinda crazy, huh?

If you compare "hipster" cities' zoning with Richmond's... you'd learn a lot about sidewalk cafes, noise ordinances, so many things... including urban hens.
Friends that are on BOARD OF SUPERVISORS *elsewhere* are having a grand time teasing me... from Steamboat, Colorado to other locales elsewhere, they are giggling at their peers in Richmond, shaking their heads.
Richmond take note: Your Board Of Supervisors peers are laughing at you.

Here's one video one B.O.S. friend sent in:
For... Guard Chickuuuuuunz.

Heck. I'm over it. But that doesn't mean I won't be taking names and holding accountable those that take away hens from jobless families. Because I. know. by. now. that since it's such an overwhelmingly legalized issue nationally, now, that very soon, Richmond will have to catch up. And if you participate in taking hens from families, it should be noted on your resume. So when you apply for that great job in Raleigh? Asheville? Charlottesville? New York? Yeah, this job applicant from Richmond clearly does not get Sustainability 101... let's pass.

But for our family?
It's time to wade into the water, settle back, point our feet downstream, lift our heels and GO.
Carried to where the current takes us...home.

SO... tomorrow we have another possible buyer touring the midcentury modern... 
We *should* have left at dawn to paint, clean, sweep, mop, and scrub that mid-century house for sale...
But when presented with the option to spend more time at the passive solar prefab with a last minute lunch with friends? To eat well? And laugh? And love?

Well, that mid-century modern walk-through sure will be messy tomorrow...
We are still glowing and smiling over another weekend at the modern prefab home.

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