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Big Bucks, Bold Moves, And Inner Peace At The Passive Prefab Home.

Plans a-hatchin', stuff a'-brewin', all sorts of
Goings On A-Going And Not Just At
The Passive Solar Prefab House!

[P.s. Someone forgot their camera and had to take horrible
cell phone pictures this weekend. Ugh.]

We are flush with celebration.
THE BIG BUCK MADE IT!!!! S. just called to tell us, you could hear her smile through the phone.

Now when he ages, he will be harvested, quickly, humanely, than taken by coyote.
But for now: Let him reign.
[Not our buck. OUR buck is magical, mystical, ethereal. Like a unicorn, yo.]

You see, when you take SIXTEEN BUCKS in a morning like those four idiot Drive-Here's do... Don't you realize you're chipping at the gene pool, dudes?!? Plenty of does you coulda taken but then that wouldn't make much of a story, no? That's where REAL hunters, not you, consider conservation...

We have more Big News:
We are in the process of selling the mid-century house!!!!!!!!!!!!

Without even going on the market, we've sold our Oasis In The City to friends who are in the branding, design & architecture fields, who have young children who will love the yard, the gardens, and parents who will be super stewards who appreciate the history and architecture of our home. [And we can visit them, because they're friends!]

Immediately we started blurting to each other, "You can move things into the office now for storage, if it makes it easy, if you want" "Do you want the playhouse? Our children have outgrown it..." "I will be focusing on the garden on the land, please do work in the yard/ make your own garden so you don't have to lose a food season just because we close in spring / summer..."

We decided to negotiate well fed. So we literally broke bread- still recovering, I hung back at the mid-century with the children going down at bedtime and sent over homemade hummus and Handsome Husband to finalize the details.
How we do business 'round here...

THAT is how property should be sold. Like Flossie who, with her husband, built this house and loved their children in it, who sold us her home only after we wrote her a letter, in turn, this exchange of property entwines our families and friendships... we will have to throw a party.

And Now? We're Back At The Passive Solar Prefab Home!
And... I forgot my purse. You know, the one with the BRAND NEW camera within?
I just *know* you will adore the scratched gauzy lens of the cell phone pictures for this episode...

I console myself over my forgotten purse fate with:
It's almost time to order new business cards!
"Copeland Casati
Green Modern Kits / Green Cottage Kits / Green Cabin Kits
Please inquire for this week's location.
Pamplin City / DC / RVA..."
but there's one more thing we need to do... stay tuned.

Inner Peace
At one moment, after adding to the crazy scenario I can't quite yet reveal, I asked The Quieter Child, checking on her, what she thought. Her dark eyes deepened. Her mouth curved, and her smile slowly expanded into a full, sure grin.
She calmly met, and looked serenely back into my eyes:
"I have inner peace."

I have deeply Buddhist friends, but this is a seven year old. My heart stopped.
"Why... where did you hear that?!?"

Mouth laughing, coming-in-teeth askew, deep eyes steady, sure in her answer to me, she delighted, at I being ridiculous for not knowing:

"Oh, Momma, Kung Fu Panda!"

Off Grid Passive Solar Prefab House Update
Handsome Husband finished work on the Maytag Washer!!!!  He remains deeply impressed by its simple, functional, timeless design.

He also began taking measurements for the built ins we have planned in the closet / systems spaces, to then begin sketching designs so that we can then pay our friend, who has the carpentry skills we lack, to complete.

Pat Root, we're lookin' for ya! As the mid-century modern progresses towards its sale, we need to gather the team to finish this longterm, pay-as-you-go project. Chiles, we need to get a certificate o' occupancy rollin' by summer! (We are working on the Where To Stay part as the prefab house finishes completion in the meantime. Two children, two dogs, a school semester to finish, a move, all while working... easy!)

In RVA Green Drinks News...
Some of y'all might recall when, a few years back, Richmond Green Drinks was privileged to have Jim Nicolow present his project, Southface Eco Office, targeted to be the south-east's first LEED platinum new construction building designed by Lord, Aeck & Sargent...
[You can even take a tour of Southface Eco Office, here!]

Well I just got a little update on what Mr. Nicolow is up to this year, from my Green Drinks partner in crime, Scott Kyle, LEED ap.

So what new coolio project IS the esteemed Mr. Nicolow up to right now?

*That's right: pigs.
I love the story. But as someone who has also fought the good fight for urban hens, it IS a bit baffling that people need to continually expend so much time, energy, and resources on local officials who are clearly not keeping up with their industry.*

In my other industry, technology, if I were so uninformed I would be hopelessly an out-of-date dinosaur with no clients. Why is this attitude so pervasive with officials in the USA? Isn't keeping up with zoning and urban planning trends part of their job? Much less sustainability?

Instead of being frustrated, I will look to spring.
I am busy reviewing what seeds I saved and what seeds I will order this week.

Which brings me to this week's tech / enviro news...

Anonymous Takes Down
Now I don't condone using illegal methods but I won't deny a little piece of me secretly cheered. Now let's take them through the proper legal channels to ensure they don't hurt average families further. Because not everyone reads ingredients like my kids.

It is getting more and more difficult to avoid GMO. You might recall I made up a little ditty for my children awhile back:
 "4 is poor. 8 we hate; but 9 is fiiiiiine."
This helped them memorize the meaning of bar codes, or PLUs:
"The code is usually a four-digit number, currently in the 3000–4999 range,[1]identifying the type of bulk produce, including the variety. A fifth digit may be prefixed to the number to indicate if the produce is organic (prefixed by a '9') or genetically modified (prefixed by an '8').[2]"
4 is poor. = If it starts with a 3 or 4, that means it was grown on a conventional, pesticide-laden, not much thought for how the land is preserved farm.
8 we hate; = GMO, enough said
but 9 is fiiiiiine. = Organic

The seafood industry is even starting to implement its own codes, to ensure that your fish is actually... fish.

"Adherence to the IFPS's PLU standards is voluntary, including the decision to label produce as organic or genetically modified.[2]"
As consumers become more educated, I suddenly am noticing... PLU discrepancies. Intentional?
It's not just organic: Are you being misled by your favorite "All Natural" brand?

Why in the world would an organic brand NOT use the indicative PLU?

And more:
Systemic Problems with Organic Labeling and Signage: Widespread Market Place Misrepresentation

Book Club
After many years of hard, hard work and frugal savings and decisions, we are having some blessed moments and we think, with each unexpected turn of good fortune:
"Ours, ours, ours- this is all ours, as in: our family, with you, our friends: How can we help, who can we invite, think of the fun and chaos and EEEEEEVERYBODY, ALL of our friends who will enjoy it...Bring your dogs, All Are Welcome, just come!"

More on that, next week.
The trees are budding, spring's a-coming, and
we're going to have some crazy news soon,
keep your fingers crossed for The Crazy Family
that lives in the off grid passive solar prefab house kit!

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At 1/31/12, 6:22 PM , Anonymous Brian said...

Way to go with your green home! I love how it looks and more than anything I love the fact that you can stay social and have a great attitude previewed from what you are saying. I wish you the best in your posting :)


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