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Day Five Of No Power - I'm Missing Our Off Grid Prefab Home!

Our off grid prefab home looks especially radiant to me
after being back in Richmond with *still* no power!

Here's some last videos of our Hurricane Irene weekend in the off grid prefab house:

After a day of rain and wind, the hurricane was passing.
All of a sudden this coral light just BURST through the skies. We ran outside: beautiful!

[Excuse the mess, below: Did I mention we used our "indoor time" during the hurricane to saw up plywood to start covering the interior SIP? Yep: Sawdust and construction stuff *everywhere.* But even despite my running into the front door by mistake (doh!) AND the shakiness of the camera you can sense how *still* it is inside- you can even hear a dog's nails clicking on the concrete floor vs. the chaos of outdoors!]

More "let's do construction stuff while this hurricane is going on and make a HUGE MESS" photos:
Plywood - Handsome Husband went through the entire stack
to select the ones he wanted! He did a great job.

Sawdust. Everywhere. *EVERYWHERE!*
['Cause what's a bored, trapped-in-a-hurricane guy to do?]

Hurricane Irene passed. We returned to Richmond.
I *immediately* began kicking myself for not bringing some of my favorite off grid items from the off grid prefab home.

We have an automatic generator at the mid-century, an investment we undertook years ago after trying to run a business for two weeks without electricity after Hurricane Isabell; so yes, there are hot showers, refridgeration and lights here.  But if we are without power for any length of time (and, with 2.5 million without power in Virginia this week, I think we will be), here is what I most regret not bringing:

The Lehman's Hand Pressurewasher.
(Ha, this was from a hot day and she was splashing in the drained water!)

My solar cooker.

And our Pamplin City-Population-199 community's chivalry. Thoughtfulness. Practicality.
All sorely needed at Richmond's "All the traffic lights are out and you must manage the intersections as a four-way stop, folks."

Here's where we stand today: DAY FIVE: (Or is it six? I forget!) Our neighborhood is still dark, trees are down, we have crushed homes, garages, smushed (vintage and not so vintage) cars... here's some shots from our block:
Downed trees and power lines everywhere...
Vintage Mercedes on the street behind us.
This used to be my cousin's huge, pristine garage.
Live downed power line between the "garage" and I.

P.s. What are we doing THIS weekend? This is the weekend we're supposed to Get Away From It All and... go... camping.
You might find me instead hugging and nestled into my off grid prefab house.

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