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Prefab Green Home : Relaxing Passive Solar Home Where The Heat Wave Breaks and I Don't Want To Let Summer Go.

Finally, the heat wave breaks.
We headed out to the passive solar prefab.

But first we stopped to take a closer look at a church forgotten, discovered, to observe, finally, up close:
We always dream about buying, moving, restoring this:

So y'all start buying a bunch more prefab house kits so I can go out and preserve all this rural architecture, 'K? ; ) But seriously, I do hate seeing beautiful structures forgotten and left to rot.

Anyhoo, we arrived at dusk to deer in the field, and I warned them as they lazily switched their tails,
"Y'all'd better skedaddle faster than that, November is just around the corner!"

No really, it is. My mind is already on the approaching months and what I need to do before winter: paint window frames, doors, finish all electric, build shelves/organize, install solar heat tubes, start covering up the SIP on the inside of the prefab home.

I will spare you the minutae details of our weekend spent painting the window frames.
You know what they say about the excitement of paint drying...
I tried to channel Tom Sawyer but there was no one to rope into my scheme.
Resigned, I continued to paint.
And paint.
It's varnish, so you won't even be able to see a difference.

So no big systems or interior design news in the passive solar prefab this week; yet we worked all weekend protecting our hard work and investment, preparing for winter, for rain, continuing to slowly work towards our future here.

We had planned to visit our friends at Sans Soucy Vineyards as they rocked out with Hugh Vaughan tonight -- but here it is, 8:15, and we're still cleaning.
So on the player we listen instead to Sally sing, the thunder roll, a gentle rain pitter patter, and the katydids hum as the light dies down slowly, fades, and fireflies emerge.

Sweat still on our brow, we sigh as the heat lightning begins its show down across the valley: Perfect.

But already now, I gather beans slowly, thinking of winter cook stove stews... I continue to can, thinking of February...

I'm not ready.

Suddenly, like a horse that kicks and rears, taking off across the field- I have to get myself into this summer before it ends, another season gone, without me.

I will play more hooky on the James.

I will sail. I will cook crazy dishes and make up things like... taking a perfectly good recipe and, ignore its advice and measurements to make...

Copeland's BBQ
[Now, last week we had been canning. In fact, we canned ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY **POUNDS** of tomatoes. So, we already had, after making too much sauce for mason jars, some sauteed garlic/onion/tomato in the fridge.]
  • garlic/onion/tomato/lemon sauce (see you add the lemon for canning tomatoes) OR:
    sautee: garlic, onions, tomatoes and add some lemon (don't be too shy)
  • take off heat and stir in a bit of fresh garlic
  • lots of Worcestershire sauce (yes you can find organic worcestershire sauce!)
  • equal amount-ish of honey (I'd say the total is 3/5 tomato sauce, 1/5 worcestershire, 1/5 honey?)
  • dashes and dashes of cayenne
  • salt, pepper (note I did not add mustard, other ingredients from the original recipe)
Stir it all up and pour over some local beef ribs and let marinate until ready to slow cook. Mmmmmmmm. Shred that mess up and voila! BBQ.
[With it, I made gazpacho.]

I will do more history and art stuff.

I will make raw zucchini salad. I made up a great recipe last year but apparently didn't write it down. So this time I...
Copeland's Raw Zucchini Salad
  • Shaved slices of zucchini (I use my beloved Salad Master for this, if you ever see one in a thrift store GRAB IT! You will use it for the rest of your life and then pass it on to the next generation!)
  • Toss with kosher salt, good olive oil, lemon juice or a vinegar, pepper, Parmesan (do not be shy with that Parmesan, folks.)... this time I did *not* use oil or vinegar, but tossed, just with s&p, Parmesan and toasted pine nuts.
  • You could also throw in some of the following: toasted nuts (pine nuts!), fresh basil, fresh oregano, fresh marjoram, Kalamata olives, feta... why not?
  • Drain all liquid before serving.
Here's another great take on raw zucchini salad- this time tossed with lentils, vinegar, mint & ham.

I will drink lots of cold soups.
Copeland's Crazy Cucumber Soup
  • seed, dice a bunch o' raw cucumbers to make up 1/2 - 3/5 of the entire recipe. 
  • some diced onion
  • salt & pepper & minced hot peppers  - I used jalapeno.
  • fresh mint. Not enough to make it overwhelm, but enough to sense it.
  • I had a few cups of yogurt I had made last week with homemade peach jam stirred in... I threw that in. You know, that homemade peach yogurt- well, don't forget to add the peach, it really made it, with the fresh mint, the tangy yogurt, the subtle heat of the peppers & onion.
  • You could throw in some buttermilk IF you're making large batches. Otherwise you don't need it.
  • Puree, cool in fridge. Garnish with a mint leaf or nasturtium flower, vs. shreds of mint because you really do want it as a garnish and not to overwhelm the soup.
This would go great with fresh bread toasted then slathered with goat cheese. And with a steak.

Before fall sets in, HERE I COME, SUMMER, throwing down deadlines and running towards you.
The heat, the sweat, the time ticking slowly on placid heavy afternoons... BRING IT.

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Nice post which the thunder roll, a gentle rain pitter patter, and the katydids hum as the light dies down slowly, fades, and fireflies emerge. In which Sweat still on our brow, we sigh as the heat lightning begins its show down across the valley: Perfect. Thanks a lot for posting this article.


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