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Plumbing The Zero Prefab, Raisin' Pirates 2.0, and A Green Drinks RoundUP.

Down on the Chesapeake Bay, I am tasked with the hard, hard job of raising Pirates 2.0 while Handsome Husband has the luxury to drive three hours to the land (from the bay), and back, by himself, spending his weekend luxuriously plumbing and working on the off grid prefab home with Max, the engineer.

Handsome Husband:
"Well, I didn't have that outlook when I headed out to meet Max, but I was determined to accomplish significant progress and succeeded. Max and I would design a solution for some aspect, he would train me on  the materials and we would move on to the next project. While Max installed the anti-scald valve in the radiant loop I headed out to the hardware store and as he began his journey back home I settled in for a long day and night to check off our list.

We now have plumbed the kitchen island, retro-fitted the drain for a future dishwasher, connected the main cold and hot water pipes, prepared the bath tub for final connection, installed the remaining section of pipe in the cistern pump.

Basically this coming weekend we have a little bit of work left before we can pressurize the system and leak test - running water is within reach!"

Back on the bay, we even squeezed in a Family Reunion, where We Hardscrabble Pirates gathered.

But on to Pirates 2.0.
Pirates. We're like jellyfish: You can cut us, awwww, that's ok; it jest makes us multiply.

Copeland's Cousin Salsa:
  • minced onion
  • drained, 2 cans of organic diced tomatoes (or fresh)
  • drained, 1 can of organic corn (or fresh off the cob)
  • drained, 1 can or freshly cooked...
    oh, wait, realize you left the black beans at home and add navy beans
  • 2 ripe, diced small avocados
  • quartered, squeezed lime juice & pulp
  • shakes of salt
  • dashes of sriracha... ah, what the heck, add more... 
  • stir it up well & serve with chips!
Father's Day happened.
Reluctantly, I let it. #NotAFanOfHallmarkHolidays

I regretted signing MY signature instead of forging the author's for my Dad's $30 Father's Day gift.
Tales of Quails 'n Such by Havilah Babcock, an Appomattox native and South Carolinian refugee. 

By the way: Last Thursday, Richmond's Green Drinks paid a visit to Acorn Sign Graphics, which not only repurposed an existing warehouse into an energy efficient building, but changed their company culture and how they work within their (not traditionally environmentally friendly) industry:

What a rewarding Green Drinks it was.
We had the opportunity to hear from the owners and employees of Acorn Sign Graphics on how they decided to change the way they work within their industry, their materials, their culture, and how they succeeded way beyond their Richmond hometown but are now sought out nation-wide for thoughtful approaches to signage, where each employee vacancy that (rarely) opens gets hundreds of resumes from talented designers who are attracted to them for their lighter-on-the-ground philosophy.

I loved hearing the owner thoughtfully speak about apprenticeships, how apprentices grew into professionals, to hear their employees clearly have "Job Satisfaction And I Am Allowed To Grow" stamped across their smiles, their good humor, their warm welcoming of us in to tour their site.

It's moments like this that we can all reflect as business owners navigating a difficult economy where culture and stewardship are still so important to us, that they are looking not just at their "here and now" but to the little pipsqueaks coming up and being raised in their business environment further down the line, and we look at the success of Acorn Sign Graphics and say, "Thank you..."

Of note as an improvement in their industry was their use of cloth (see the sign board demonstration below), their choices in inks and technology to offer their customers, while fostering the growth of their employees.

Anyhoo, Good Mornin' from a new day on the Chesapeake Bay.
*Yawn*... I'm now off to turn some mo' pipsqueaks into Pirates.

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