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Pipsqueaks Are Loosed On The Bay

Good mornin' from the bay!
Summer nears, so we are back to Raising Pirates.

And to help the Chesapeake Bay, we're (finally) growing oysters!

We arrived a day later than usual, as we hung back in Richmond for a going away party for a German family as they prepare to return to Europe. On the drive down, the slanted evening light gave new perspective to these old homes I've photographed for years as we sped by... I keep photographing the same homes, over and over, year after year, but never tire of it: something makes me think that sadly some of these homes and farms might not remain in my lifetime... I hope I'm wrong...

Oh. But wait. Y'all are here to hear about construction progress on the prefab home - off grid, zero energy systems installation progresses!

There was no grading this week because of the intermittent rain.
The rain has started to fill the cistern, but we were surprised it wasn't filled more. As everything, we will take a closer look and make adjustments, if necessary, over the week.

Handsome Husband and Max pressure tested the solar loop, and found 2 of the 3 pumps were leaking... sigh. So they sealed and will retest and make adjustments if neccessary.  Adjustments, adjustments, adjustments.
They finished the water filtration assembly, which did not need an adjustment, but only because it is not test-able yet.

This week grading around the prefab house's home site begins. Where it will end... I... don't... know.
In the meantime, we are letting the childrenz loose on the seas and sandbar.

As with everything in the world: May they not sink, but swim.
Pipsqueak, loosed on the bay.
Helicopter Parents we t'ain't.

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