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ICFF 2011 : Part 2 And RVA Thoughts On Brooklyn's Waterfront

Between ICFF excursions, I had some time to explore Brooklyn's waterfront with my family. Richmond should hop on the train to see this up close and personal, honeys, there's a lot they could learn from it. There is park after park with mile after mile of riverfront access, bike lanes, shops...

Everything is walkable.
They even invested in gorgeous riverfront furniture so that their community can lounge and enjoy the view.

Miles of bike paths, clearly marked...

Multiple public access points to the waters edge...

We even found some darling children eager to sell us homemade souvenirs, maybe they're Urban Amish Kids!
; )

...and every weekend, a flea market where people can connect with farmers, local craftspeople and, shop, eat, laugh, congregate and enjoy riverfront life.

For you architecture enthusiasts: Check out these architectural tees by Brooklyn's Live Poultry I found at the Brooklyn Flea!

Now Brooklyn riverfront wasn't all rosy, honeys. Eager developers hurried to erect high density buildings before making sure there was a need, and now there are projects just sitting there (this one for two years now!) half-constructed, now owned by the bank:
But let's talk more about ICFF!
There I was, at the end of a random aisle, stepping aside to send some strange tweet or such, when my ears picked up the conversation at the booth behind me: I turned around, and there was Trufig.
Trufig's mounting platforms / blank outlets / HVAC vents not only let you blend in unused outlets and hide your cords, but the platforms & outlets are extremely energy efficient, important for tight envelope prefab house kits!

I stopped at Takumi Shimamura's sustainable works booth.

I wish more children brought the same lunch pail / bento box to schools year after year, with real cloth napkins and real utensils in real recycled durable materials... and in these containers it would not be just frugal, and zero waste school strategy goodness, but STYLIN':
More LED light options, just fyi - where you celebrate the bulb and not the shade: Plumen.
They are supposed to last about 8 years.

Charming graphics on fabric and tea sets by Josephine...

Suberra, made from remaining cork bark in the wine industry, turned into a durable surface!

3form's ReMix, with no PVC, repurposed Ecoresin that fuses scrap into a panel:

I see that on this second post there's actually not a lot of furniture posted!
And then, these Must Read ICFF pieces emerged:
From Design Sponge: Thoughts On This Year's Show:

And a thoughtful response: From The Bohmerian. (Note I had mentioned Brooklyn & it becoming a craftsman local mecca yesterday...)

I am looking forward to discussing these many good points with my friends...
We Need Design Hope On A Rope.
Someone Out There Is Still Swinging Optimistically In Design... most likely in Brooklyn.
(From the Finnish exhibit New Finnish Design - Urban Design Scenarios PechaKucha opening Friday...)

With C, I met up with Akemi Tanaka and my dear ole room mate-turned-Huge-Industry-Fashion-Designer, P. 
P & C [V was sick that night : ( ]

(You might recall P, Miz Fashion, who came to visit and I waited until she was out of cell phone coverage to break it to her the off grid prefab house still had no running water, heat, and that she'd be using a composting toilet! Ha! SHE STILL SPEAKS TO ME!)

And then it was back to The Barn.
And back to Virginia.
As I sadly step through the drizzly Brooklyn streets, it's if my heart recites Goodnight Moon except I softly say Farewell, New York, Farewell My Beloveds... 

Goodbye, Barn!
Until ICFF next year.

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