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ICFF 2011 Day 1 And Prefab House Kit Zero Energy Updates

Kikkerland's Queen is waving at YOU, honeychiles, from New York Cit-tay!

I am here for ICFF. Read past adventures, here.

In the meantime, back at the zero energy prefab off grid home, they're busy burying rainwater cisterns, connecting stuff, and getting downright muddy.

But first: Remember: Design *can* fight hunger. So when you head into the Meatpacking ICFF parties tonight, make sure you bring some cans.
Based on Arthur Rimbaud's poem "Hunger," this installation also serves as a food collection repository. Find it in Meatpacking tonight, and leave non-perishable food.

So. What did I think of ICFF this year?
There were nice new elements from years past- Dunn, 3Form, Iannone, Molo, Graypants...

Brooklyn has really stepped forward as a worldwide center of craftsmanship with reused materials.
Hooker & Co. Reclaimed Furniture, DobanArchitecture's Think Fabricate, WUD Furniture, From The Source... the list is endless.

Emerging trends: 

Colorwashed wood + metallic elements.
The metal footings and touches sleek up shapes that might otherwise be a tad too organic. The colorwashing is something to watch. But careful with the metal tube touches, in order for it to work and be a timeless collectible vs.dated quickly it really needs to be more sleek.
MASHstudios combines aluminum with wood.
The metallic touches: a panel, the footers, made it more modern & sleek.

From Edition 14's Izabela Rodzen-Olesinski: Note colorwashed wood + metal footers.

Stephen Burks collaborates with From The Source to exemplify the colorwash and colored metal trend.
Hooker & Co. Reclaimed Furniture : Barn maple, salvaged steel.

There was lots of colored metal edging - again, it's important to balance the metal tubing without going into 80s clunky industrial. But overall, it works.
From PRATT + Cappellini's Perpetual Motion:
Edward Hale's DMC-12
Easy for an adult to open, yet impossible for a child, ha!

Lots of LED Lighting.
A *huge* array of LED lighting from Pablo
Peter Stathis
Peter Stathis & Virtual Studio
Junggi Sung for LUNAR
Junggi Sung for LUNAR

I liked this Marset lamp:
And the Odyssey light from Ismael Quintero of recycled glass:
Inspired by a fire hydrant lid found on 9/11, the Odyssey Light is made from recycled beer bottles.

New Products:
flux chair: foldable, insanely flat-pak-stackable yet modern:

Sweet modern bird houses from IMake Studio!

At the Model Citizen show, I ran into hometown Richmond boy Chris McCray, who went on to NYC -> RISD -> now Austin! Oh, we talked about YOU, Richmond, oh we did.
Pssst! Hey Richmond! What *YOU* need to know is that ICFF, as in, *THE* International Contemporary Furniture Fair, held in MANHATTAN, written about worldwide on sophistication and design thinking, now has CHICKEN COOPS as part of their URBAN, design forward thinking, exhibit.  That's because cities worldwide have chickens. Y'know, chickunz sophistication and all.

Also at the Model Citizen show, I admired the Reveal Clock by Matthew Lechowick:
Nina Chair by Corina Garona - VERY comfortable yet sleek!

Wallpaper / Textiles / Window Treatments:
Wallpaper / textiles / window treatment prints are busy, small, modern, multicolored and even temporary, in eco-friendly ink. I'm seeing metallic return, which, if done right, can be super cool. (I will have metallic wallpaper in my own prefab house kit when we finish the interior next month! I can't wait to finally hide the exposed SIP!) Note: Not all these are eco-friendly, unfortunately.
Metallics at Astek
Aimee Wilder had some really sweet prints!
Self adhesive modern design temporary wallpaper from Tempaper.
Textiles designer Juliana Dugbatey
Textiles designer Juliana Dugbatey
PVC-free temporary window treatments from 2Jane
More from 2Jane...
And then it was on to the ICFF Parties.

Much later, as the first raindrops fell, I was walking through Cobble Hill, heading towards The Barn.
Because of course my family lives in a barn in New York. You'd expect nothing less, no?

I love New York in the rain...
Rain just means you grow bangs and look at yer toes as you walk to preserve your makeup, honeys.

P.s.: I'm thinking of getting Handsome Husband this Kikkerland Husband Chopping Board.
Think he'll like it?
I have *lots* more to write and show you, but I must run off!  
It's time to visit the Brooklyn flea!

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