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Rainwater Collection And Filtration Systems Arrived, and... CHICKUNZ.

The rainwater collection and filtration systems have arrived safely to the off grid prefab home site!
We'd better git excavating ayyy-sap. Good thang we're meeting with the excavator Saturday!

Meanwhile, we race from Jamestown to Tuckahoe Plantation to the Chesapeake Bay entertaining visitors.

But back to Chickunz.
I find it so interesting that none of our local zoning / board of supervisors / city council find the right to urban chicken issue compelling enough to discuss (much less respond to our requests for dialogue), yet a visiting European Judge and Pharmaceutical Lawyer specifically requested to attend our Businesses For Chickunz Breakfast. They are fascinated by the issue: "Ve Vould Never Dee-ny A Basic Food Right, Are Not You Ze Land Of Ze Free?"

It actually made me rather embarrassed. We extended invitations to Richmond city council, the Mayor, and Henrico Board of Supervisors, followed up with phone calls. Many Richmond job-creators will be in attendance, and now... a European Judge fascinated by the legal issues. (Of course I said they could attend, I didn't want to look... PROVINCIAL...)

Yes folks, this means: Back to Bureaucracy.
I know, I know, yer over hearing about mah urban chickens.

Well cry me a river, zoning. I'll linger on this subject awhile.

Anyhoo, this whole Right To Chickunz has me thinking. And it reminds me of James Q. Wilson's Bureaucracy... Well, honeychiles, I have a message, and I'm sending it to Garcia.

Give Garcia this message: Despite James Q. Wilson: To allllll the bureaucratic representatives:
We send a missive:

And tell 'em Chickunz sent it.
Get with the music, folks. First businesses stand up, next up? Schools.

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