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Rain. Rain Barrels. Rain Barrels... Hmmm. Best Harebrained Idea EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's raining. Raining raining raining raining raining. Yes, folks, it's another weekend where Handsome Husband trudges out to the zero energy prefab house kit to deliver more off grid systems parts for our contractor and plumber and we stay behind. But hey, I know better than to complain about rain...

Earlier this week Pokey Lafarge blew through town so we grabbed the childrenz and ran.
Yes, I drag my children to bars. That's where real music is, not the tin lip-synched stuff you hear on the radio. They may not know who That Bieber Guy is, but they know Pokey Lafarge And The South City Three.

The crowd was SO appreciative. People were clapping and cheering and stomping as they played... here's a quieter shot I took, have a lissen!

Pokey Lafarge And The South City Three Play Richmond!!!!

And thinking about the approaching rain...
I came up with the BEST HAREBRAINED IDEA EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eventually we will fix the breached pond in the woods.

BUT: Consider in the meantime: Getting food grade containers, turning them into 4-5 rain barrels, building a curved berm where the lower, smaller field is, placing the rain barrels on top, a pool below, and VOILA! A Home Grown Redneck Rain Pool for when the childrenz complain about the heat this summer!

Now to make a mini Natural Pool... whose overflow would help irrigate that small field downhill, and the rainbarrels would help fill up the pool when necessary.  Voila! Again!
(Click here to see some *really* beautiful natural pools!)

Oh, even bigger voila: (I'm feeling very smugly french now, y'all.)
I just found a supplier who has over A HUNDRED 66 gallon food grade drums for sale for $12 apiece! Heck, let's get a BUNCH! They stored olives so we'll have the added bonus of skin moisturizer and enhanced slip-n-slides!!! We can even add 'em to the north side of our shed to easily irrigate the apple trees! I'm brilliant! I'm crafty! Heck, you want me on yer side in war!

Speaking of rain water collection, everything except the cistern is due to arrive Monday, so we will start the excavating for that, as well as finally finish up the prefab house kit's site work.  Yes, the off grid prefab house will have running water soon... Can't wait.

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