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Prefab Home's Rainwater Filtration And Installation Update, On Earth Day.

Oi yoi, yoi: On another dreary, drizzling, gray morning. Handsome Husband drove out to the prefab zero energy home alone, then returned in time to see the sun break out from behind the clouds this afternoon. I'll let him fill you in on the off grid prefab house kit progress:

"With the water filtration system having arrived on site and the 1700 gallon cistern on its way I drove out to meet Justin Layne with Layne Excavation with our contractor Jason Dorris to discuss the project plan from an excavation perspective.

My initial thought was that Justin would bury the cistern and return at a later date to back fill after we connected the cistern to Rainwater Management Solutions's WISY water filtration system and the water supply line into the house, insulated the slab and trenched for the gray and black water as well as the power supply to the pump to finally install the drain tile.

It turns out that Justin's company also acts as general contractor and can perform some of the steps above. This will reduce their presence to a single visit to cut down on cost and increase out pace of progress on the home stretch of the project.

Justin and Jason will work side-by-side to bury the cistern, install the rain water filtration by WISY, connect the filter to the cistern and the cistern pump to the water supply on the south side.

We will finish wrapping the foundation in rubber membrane and install the rigid foam with flashing. At that point the four northern downspouts will be connected to the drain tile, which will also accept the discharge from the rain water filter.

The drain tile will continue with solid 4" pipe to the field downhill / natural pool per the landscape design by TOPOS. The pool will have the shape of a pond with a gradual decline sealed with membrane and will overflow into the grey water drainage pipe which will continue to the orchard.

Justin also recommended catching the significant drainage from the field above the house by terminating the berm in the East into a 10' by 10' drain pit about 3' deep. This pit will overflow into the natural pool as well."

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Heeeeeey. The sun came out!
All I've heard this afternoon since the sun broke through are gas-powered lawn mowers and edgers for hours and hours... yet all people think about when we propose urban chickens in Richmond is,
"Aren't chickens loud?"
My friend Scott of Full Scale Architecture quipped,
"Funny, I still get odd looks when I use our reel mower. The looks say: 'You, stupid, me not'"
To which I replied, "At least you get funny looks, honeychile we get flat-out shunned."

In honor of my neighborhood's incessant gas-powered mowing on Earth Day, I post a poem.
I call this, "Pretty Condensension"
In my front yard, the coop rests, placed perfectly under the magnolia
its red barn charm contrasts nicely with spring lawn, leaves and residences as if ready for its close up, for Martha to appear waving photographers into place...
Instead, alone, indignant, this coop now glowers, sneering, facing proudly the neighbors’ ignorance.

The Real Story:

A few members of Chickunz, a group that wants to legalize urban chickens in Richmond, had asked to use our coop because it is so pretty for their display at Richmond's Earth Day festivities. Of course I said yes. When they came to pick it up last night we couldn’t fit it into their car, so we just put it down, and haven’t yet returned the coop to the back yard. Morning arrived: a drizzly day with bright spring green everywhere, and this coop just pops in contrast in the front yard… I might leave it there awhile. It makes me so sad to see it without its hens, hens taken from our family by middle class-sadly-striving-to-look-uppity neighbors who recoil from color and culture.

Meanwhile, Handsome Husband is now walking around the patio with his tea kettle gingerly boiling away stray weeds. Yet WE'RE weird. #Pesticides #ItsAChemLawnTown #IgnorantRubes

Another Richmond friend, Amy C-R, had it even worse:
"Dear neighbor: If you need to wear a respirator while spraying your lawn, then it's not cool to do it with my kids, dog, and food garden down wind. Nice way to celebrate earth day, jerk." #CultureWars

Oh, chickunz. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.
Yes, I've been brokenhearted Blue since the day we parted Why, why did I ever let you go? Mamma mia, now I really know, My my, I could never let you go.

My thoughts darken, surveying suburban ignorance. I try to push them out for clarity. As in: a clear, clean natural pool. However, I caution: Affordability will be a major factor in whether we go from the Redneck Rainwater Pool to a full on Natural Pool, especially when Holliday Lake is so close...
Here's some more links on natural pools:
Where to now go? I sank. I grabbed wine and Harry Potter's Half Blood Prince and Part 1 of the Deathly Hallows and succumbed to the dark, dark reality of ignorance, hate, lack of community and evil through movies and current BBC news.

That's why we needed today.

Walking into St. James for Easter service, I could not help contrast my recent darkness and drifting with the joy and light and community that faced me within, then again with our many friends throughout the day as we drifted, happily, down Monument Avenue... Many thanks to The H's... who took us in hand and led us to wander outside in the light, the V-O's who, stopping by after the Easter Parade and the H's, well, M. V-O makes me laugh and laugh...

There was joy all around, so much love and laughter... 
And look at all that color and quirky fun on Monument Avenue. Our neighbors would never allow it if they could, ha. #FrickinRubes
But this conversation will not turn to insipid ignorance, instead: Celebrate the color and zest that make Richmond "A Destination" for its Easter Parade and spending time with our dear friends so great, today!

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