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Where I Realize My Dad Is A Fundamentalist Trying To Supress Me. Or: "The Cult."

I spent the day with my dad, as I hadn't seen him in awhile...
We wanted to spend some special father-daughter time together, but I am starting to suspect that he is actually a fundamentalist trying to suppress me. 

Here is my evidence:

We traveled to a strange building where people congregate. This is where I started having my suspicions because he was clearly on some sort of pilgrimage and considers this place mecca.

They even offer free car rides to some people, a typical cult tactic.

Once there, I was welcomed, and adorned with symbols of their identity, indicated by complex woodsy patterns on EVERYTHING.
And then... he asked me to cover myself! 
Head to toe, my OWN FATHER indicated he would like me to cover myself up. 
Redneck Burka
 And to even cover my face.

Then we drove to another hallowed place where I had to listen to his philosophy. For hours!
He went on, and on, and ON.

But I doubt his foundation. He didn't just have ONE creed, but FOUR! He lectured on instinctive shooting, the swing-through method, pull-away method, and the sustained lead method. I think he was confused - maybe he meant that green building should be sustainable & LEED?

As always, we had a great time at Green Top.

And the ritual of bustin' clays in Virginia on a pretty day with your daughter... continues.




At 3/21/11, 7:06 PM , Anonymous archierictect said...

That there is uh prutdy shot-gun, 'mam.


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