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Signs Of Spring At The Mid-Century Modern

Spring has sprung at the mid-century modern.
It rained softly last night, the perfect quiet mist to welcome the collards, lettuce, spinach and mustard green seedlings popping up out of the soil...

As I sipped my first cup of coffee, I saw droplets shimmering with peach and plum buds just opening, the mid-century modern house in the background, and thought you might enjoy it as well, especially if where you are it is still winter!

As I've mentioned, we have always had a food garden, with a "cottage" philosophy, where we intersperse herbs and flowers and shrubs with our vegetables...  But the milkweed has overtaken us one last time. This year we will have more traditional rows, to be more efficient, and I am looking forward to that, while still embracing aesthetics.

P.s. We're hoping to finalize and order our rainwater collection & filtration today for the off grid prefab house, stay tuned!

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